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When I read the blog that follows (Excerpted here with the url for the entire post), I was reminded of a conversation that I had with Marvin Wilson and Steven Martin on my BlogTalkRadio show. We were discussing the book, THE TRUTH, and what we foresaw as events centering on the year 2012. I mentioned that we are at a stage where there is a “Confluence of Events.” In other words, many things are happening in the world at the same time. Individually, these events have happened before, but the difference is that now they are happening all at once.
In the past, there have been periods of global warming and massive cooling. There have been disruptions in the natural order of things. In the past there have been political, social, economic and environmental upheavals. But, in the past, these events tended to occur singularly or in related groupings. For example, the Depression of 1929 was an economic event that was followed by major political events. George Washington had to deal with a “mini-ice age” when crossing the Delaware. There have been periods of climatic calamity which had major economic impacts. But today, things are a bit different. Many events are’ flowing together’ simultaneously. Thus, we have a confluence of events.

The world is dealing with major climatic, social, economic and political events all at once. While the recent focus has been on economic issues, climate change is still accelerating at un-predicted rates. Many social systems are crumbling and religious institutions are fighting for survival. The world political stage is changing dramatically and war looms as a real issue in many parts of the globe. All of these events are happening at a time when prophesy says such events are heralding in a ‘new age’ for humanity.
“According to the Mayan way of measuring and keeping time we are at the end of one age of the Sun, each age lasting 5125 years.

To understand more or less how the Mayan calendar works requires study but we can say as an overview that the Mayans counted and measured many more cycles than we do.
And they inter-relate these cycles as if they were cogs of a giant machine giving each day a unique combination of influences that take into account not only the movement of the Earth, Sun and Moon but also Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and, furthermore, much wider cosmic movements at a galactic level. This system is much more accurate and precise than other calendar systems in other cultures, giving the Mayans the honor of having been the experts in the movements of the celestial bodies and of time.

Their study of these movements in space and time also gave rise to very interesting observations about the distinct influences that affect the Earth and the Solar System in which we are traveling through the great galactic spaces.

For the Maya the 21st December 2012 will be the end of a 5125 year creation cycle. A cycle that began in 3114 BC in our calendar. It is the end of a 13 Baktun round and the beginning of a new creation… or in modern terminology it’s the end of one age and the beginning of a New Age. It also corresponds to an alignment of our solar system to the centre of the galaxy.

What this will mean for us who are alive in this time witnessing the events that take place on the planet will depend on many things, not least our state of consciousness.
It is interesting to also note the extent to which the dates of the Mayan calendar co-inside with other information as much on the scientific side as on the side of prophecies in various cultures.
According to the Incas we are presently entering a new Pachakutik or a new era on this planet. According to traditional elders in Peru the process of the new Pachakutik began in 1990 and this process of changing Pachakutiks takes 22 years… being completed in August 2012…The Hopi elders have also said that the Earth is in a time of purification and preparation that began in 1998 and will end in… 2012.

Seneca elders also say that we are in the midst of a 25 years purification period that will end in 2012. In South Africa an 80 year old Zulu Shaman has spoken of a certain star with a long tail that will return thousands of years after it was last seen, causing big climatic and weather changes. He said it would return in the year red bull which corresponds to 2012 in our calendar. The Maoris say that at the beginning of time the Earth and sky were pushed apart by the Gods of the sea, the wind and war and that they will eventually crash back together in the year 2012.
Studies of the I Ching have revealed that this system of prediction reaches a kind of zero point in the year 2012.

A number of reported Near Death Experiences have also spoken of being shown visions of the future in which there were dramatic changes on the planet by the year 2012.
Especially interesting are studies with children that have had near death experiences and reported changes on the planet with relation to climate, society and consciousness, all pointing toward 2012.

Changes in the Earths Geomagnetic field are being noted by scientists who say that the Geomagnetic field is dropping and in recent times, dropping at an ever increasing rate. When it reaches zero point there will be a reversal of planetary polarity. The Canadian government has been monitoring the North Pole and say that it has been moving since 1904 but since 1974 its moving 4 times faster than before. Meanwhile, French Geologists have noted areas where polarities are being reversed in the ocean to the south of South Africa. They say that the magnetic fields are disappearing around the poles and that there are huge masses of molten iron beneath the earth’s surface at the poles that are rotating in a reverse direction, weakening the magnetic fields.

Siberian geologist Dr Alexey Dimitriev has studied at length increased solar activity and the Earth’s magnetic field and concludes that a reversal is underway and this he says, also relates to temperature changes and the frequency of earthquakes, hurricanes, floods etc which have increased by 600% in the past 40 years. Dimitriev says, also that the solar system is moving through a plasma cloud… (Plasma is like a gas of electrons) and that this also is affecting the climate, the geo-magnetic field and other planetary and atmospheric elements.
At the centre of a tornado or hurricane vacuums are created that are related to phenomena such as fire balls and other lights. The frequency of these kinds of phenomena is also in the increase although physics doesn’t fully understand why.

In reality there are many different types of phenomena that are presenting themselves and pushing the boundaries of what we know in relation to the mechanics of the universe and to more than one of the more open minded scientists around say that we are heading toward some kind of zero point that will lead to dramatic changes and also great revelations as to the nature of many of the mysteries still not understood by our science.”

The above is a fairly good summary about the context of 2012 prophecies. Much of what is mentioned about science can be verified at various NASA and other scientific sites. The UN’s IPCC can certainly verify the very real climate shifts that are occurring. So where does this lead us? Is 2012 the end of the world? I, for one, do not think so and neither do most mystics nor secret societies believe the “end” is near. However, there is consensus that dramatic changes are happening and that the pace of change is quickening. The actual direction of that change will have its course set by mass consciousness. If society adopts an attitude of fear, the times may be real rough. On the other hand, if people decide that it is truly time for the old ways, the old paradigm, to go the way of the dinosaur, we may well enter a new age of enlightenment.

Over the coming months, much will be said about 2012. In January, the History Channel will have another show about Nostradamus and his predictions concerning 2012. In all likelihood, they will not get it right since their last show on the Books of Nostradamus caved in to the peddlers of fear. There is no question that the religious right is using 2012 as a means to frighten people into thing that these are the “End Times.” Again, buying in to that fear may well be self-fulfilling. The key here is to keep an open mind. Examine all of the data and mania that will be surfacing in greater depth in 2009 and try to see the positive in all things. For example, new retail sales reports will soon show that that holiday spending at the end of 2008 was a disaster. While that sounds bad, another look may indicate that the consumer has finally decided to end its spending spree that has almost decimated the world’s environment. That is a positive thing. With new priorities being set by the Obama administration, it may well be possible that, despite near economic collapse, we may not be entering a time where our public priorities have now veered in a more positive direction. Will the Phoenix arise from the ashes of the burning old world? Only time will tell.


Anonymous said...

This is an excellent article/post, Phil. Truly "the end" of "what" and the "beginning" of "what" is and will be what we make of it. All the ancients and seers that have pointed to the 2012 year cannot be ignored, and we are seeing, as you so well laid it out, the signs of tremendous and fast accelerating change that bear out the truth of the prophecies. A fascinating period of time we chose to incarnate into, is it not?

Let's make the best of this ride.

Anonymous said...

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