Tuesday, December 30, 2008


How many millions take the vow of food abstinence on January 1st? How many millions give up shortly after the first? There is little doubt that Americans have gotten fat and that obesity is a major health issue confronting today’s youth. The age of high calorie fast foods combined with the sedentary life style of the ‘joystick’ must be a boon to the clothing industry as people need ever increasingly larger sizes of clothes.

It is estimated that 95% of all diet plans fail. Those New Year resolutions sound great but most of the crash diet programs never work and many can actually make you ill. One of the key issues with dieting is that the fixation on weight loss actually results in frequent weight gain. The focus upon food creates a mental trap since that mindset keeps you thinking about wanting more food. It is the idea that form follows thought. Aside from the hundreds of fad diets that make will the covers of tabloids and talk shows, there are even more books that will offer some kind of miracle program for you to lose weight. What is the consumer to do?

There is a new book out by Linda Walker called, NO MORE LOSERS: A BOLD NEW APPROACH TO ACHIEVING THE BODY YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED. Is this just another diet book that makes promises that cannot be kept? It would appear not. In fact, in the foreword it says, “This is not a diet book. You won’t find some new-fangled diet plan that promises magical results.” The author says, “I know what it’s like to go from one diet to the next. I’d lose and I’d gain. I’d lose more and then get that back and more. I was so good at this yo-yo dieting that it virtually became my lifestyle. It wasn’t until I’d finally begun to suffer from increasingly serious health complications due to my weight that I was alarmed enough to search for a real answer to my weight problem.”

Did the author find a new pill that would bring salvation? No. Did she find a new miracle food that would melt those extra pounds away in just two weeks? No. Did she discover come new vitamin that she will offer to you at a bargain price that will shed those unwanted pounds? No. What Linda Walker discovered is what she terms, “CLICK-ON” to weight REDUCTION. She says that you do not go into ‘lose weight mode’ but rather ‘reduction mode.’ In this method you ‘click-on’ a mental switch “that lets you break free from the bad habits of a lifetime and gives you total control over your mind and body.”

In NO MORE LOSERS, Linda takes you through her life’s journey and constant struggle with her weight. She recalls the upbringing that insisted that you eat everything on your plate, the system of sweets for rewards, and then the constant taunts and cruel remarks of her school mates. And now, after ‘reducing’ her weight by 100 pounds, she says that this was done without pills and without giving up any of her favorite foods. She says, “I haven’t counted one calorie or fat gram. And the best part of all is knowing that I will never get back any of that unwanted weight ever again!” What is the key to this “simple 10 step (minus one) approach? The key is understanding the difference of two simple words: “losing” and ‘reducing.”

With chapter headings such as, STOP LOSING AND START WINNING, STOP EXCUSING AND START REDUCING and STOP THE BAD AND START THE GOOD, you quickly see that this is not a new diet fad but rather a life approach that results in permanent weight reduction and not weight loss. Keep one thing in mind, when a person ‘loses’ something, the first thing they try to do is to find it. When you ‘reduce’ something, you create an entirely new way of thinking that will alter your life and your health.
NO MORE LOSERS is written by LINDA WALKER and published by ALL THINGS THAT MATTER PRESS. It is also available on Amazon.com in both print and Kindle Edition and as an E-Book from Mobipocket. 150 pages, $14.99.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good book, and a worthy pub for ATTMP. I have struggled with weight ever since my late 30's early 40's. Diets don't work. Tried 'em all. I finally took up the lifestyle eating plan of "grazing." That works. It's not a "diet" that you go on, lose the weight, then feel all exhilarated and eventually backslide off of and gain back more weight than you had originally lost. No. It's a lifestyle of eating small meals all throughout your waking hours, never stuffing yourself, yet never really hungry either. The metabolism is always working, burning calories, and since your body knows it is getting fed pretty soon at all times it sheds calories rather than hoard them into fat.

Anonymous said...

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Philip F. Harris said...

Herbs are certainly safer than some of the other products on the market but, they do not address the fundamental issue as to why you are overweight. The problem in our society is that we want a 'pill' to solve all of our issues and we refuse to take responsibility for our actions and lifestyles. So if you do 'lose' weight on an herbal pill, your mind will surely go looking for what it lost and the weight will be back. Time for a new approach that does not cost you money or keep you hooked on a pill.