Thursday, May 31, 2007


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Monday, May 28, 2007


The worst crisis facing humanity today is IGNORANCE. Ignorance about the issues that face the world prevents these concerns from being addressed in a rational way. In a democratic society, people must be informed in order to make intelligent decisions. To help prevent the next generations of our youth from being ill-prepared for a rapidly changing world, Bloggers are uniting to support educational causes. Please visit the following web site and make a donation to further the cause of having an educated society.

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The goal is to raise $25,000 for schools around the country, many of which are in New Orleans. Our hope is that we will blow this goal away and raise far more money. If we do we will have set a precedent that will enable the blogging community to do a bunch of good for other causes in the future.

Saturday, May 26, 2007


China has become an exporter of poisons and the poisons are in everything from toothpaste, eggs, teas, medicines, baby foods, herbs, vitamins, pet foods, fish, wheat, rice and who dares do guess what else? Given that the FDA inspects only 1% of food imports and tests only 0.5%, how safe do you think our food supply is?

China is one of the world’s leading producers of rice, corn, wheat, soybeans, vegetables, soybeans and pork. China is also the world’s leading producer of vitamin “C” and B12. Almost all of China’s food exports have come under close scrutiny by their trade partners. There have been bans by the EU, Japan and the U.S. What is unknown is what ingredients from China have made their way into the food production process. Even within China there have been reports of massive food poisonings including adults and babies.

According to the China Economic review, “The US rejects more food shipments from China than from any other country, AFP reported. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rejected some 257 Chinese food shipments last month, with at least 137 labeled "filthy" after testing positive for salmonella or for containing banned ingredients. The FDA seized more than 1,000 shipments of tainted cosmetics, food supplements and counterfeit medicine from China last month. Earlier this month, 4,000 pets died in the US from eating tainted pet food imported from China.”(5/21/07).

On Friday, May 25th, officials in Costa Rica seized more than 350 tubes of toothpaste that contained chemicals found in brake fluid and antifreeze. The toothpaste was made in China. There have been reported deaths from the use of such products in other countries.

There can be no doubt that all food imports from China must receive closer scrutiny. Is China the only country with tainted agricultural products? The answer is no and, in fact, the U.S. has had its share of banned agricultural products. The issue is the scope and the nature of the problem. Reports that Chinese tea is dried by using hot exhausts of trucks that run on leaded gasoline is very disturbing. And, the issue seems widespread across the total array of products from China from wheat to toothpaste.

The U.S. must put more money into its food safety and inspection programs. Aside from the immediate threat of poisoned imported foods, who knows what long term effects might emerge from hidden chemicals that have found there way into our food supply? Is it worth the risk to our children and grandchildren to allow them to ingest low level toxins?

The U.S. must alter its food policy. There is no reason to import food into this country. We have been the twentieth century food basket of the world and if we are not careful, we will become the 21st Century “death basket” of the world. Food is one item where we do not need to globalize. Impending climate changes will threaten food imports and if we are dependent on those imports, many will needlessly suffer. Once we lose agricultural lands to development, it will be hard to retrieve. Our goal must be to regain our food independence and to strongly support ag-land preservation. We should be thinking along the lines of regionalizing our food production system in the U.S., and not globalization. With fears of spreading contaminations brought on by global warming, the U.S. must give top priority to stabilizing and enhancing our own food production and position ourselves to help others who will definitely be in need. And, while our food system in not perfect; I would eat American any day over imports from who knows where?

Sunday, May 20, 2007


General Petraeus has called on the Iraqis to reject violence. Let’s take a look at some of the headlines from the Middle East: “ Bombings killed seven U.S. soldiers in Baghdad and a southern city, the U.S. military said Sunday, and the country's Sunni vice president spoke out against a proposed oil law, clouding the future of a key benchmark for assuring continued U.S. support for the government;” 39 killed in Lebanese violence; 8 dead after Israel hits Hamas dwelling; Eight killed as Israel launches new strike on Gaza; Israel kills 9; 8 in raid on Hamas official's home, Lebanon army fights militants, blast hits Beirut.
There are many more stories with similar headlines and they are all just as depressing. From thee looks of things, neither the Iraqis nor anyone else in the Middle East are listening to the general. We have been repeatedly told that the violence in Iraq, Lebanon, Gaza and the Palestinian areas are the result of the actions of the few. And yet, the most powerful nations on earth have been unable to end the violence. There over 26 million people in Iraq. If everyone is so opposed to violence, why can’t these 26 million people stand tall and say, “Enough is enough?”
Let’s go a step further. Why aren’t the religious leaders in Iraq and the Middle East trying to put a stop to the violence? While one might possibly understand their quarrel with the West, how does their religion support self slaughter?
When we first invaded Iraq, I supported ending the Hussein regime. The rule of all dictators should come to an end. But as soon as the Iraqis elected their own government, that would have been the time to leave. Truly, hindsight is 20/20. I seriously question why we continue to stay in Iraq. With what appears to be a culture of violence and a society that is apathetic to its own future and the lives of their loved ones, what do we hope to gain by our continued presence? We are told that if we leave there will be a blood bath. It seems that there is already a blood bath and our troops are right in the way. Perhaps if we left the Iraqi people would be forced to make a stand against the terrorists and hypocrites that plague their country. Perhaps if we left the true enemy of freedom would be exposed and the people would finally get sufficient courage to end the idiocy that haunts their every waking moment.
And as far as Gaza and Lebanon, when is the UN going to have the courage to put an end to the constant attacks on Israel? If they don’t do it, Israel will and the conflict will only escalate out of control. Perhaps it is already out of control! The world cannot continue to tolerate the hatred of the few controlling the happiness and destiny of the many. Major players in the Middle East and the UN must get together and do what needs to be done so the world can move on and address other pressing issues.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


While I regret the loss of anyone I do not regret the loss of the Falwell ideology. I find the basic philosophy of the fundamentalist movement of any religion essentially divisive and far removed from the teachings they claim to champion. Movements such as the Moral Majority can be equated with the similar Muslim movements that are plaguing Iraq, Palestine, Iran, Somalia and other Middle Eastern nations. The god may be called by a different name but these movements all preach one thing, hatred.

Jerry Falwell began the Moral majority in 1979 to fight abortion rights. This group is largely attributed with the success of the Reagan campaign and began the rise of Christian conservatism. Condemning everyone who differed with their ideology, this group condemned homosexuality, abortion, Muslims and anyone who did not live up to their standards of morality. Evangelists such as Falwell and Jim Baker soaked millions from those who bought into their causes and violated the basic tenets of the inner teachings of scripture.

I find little difference between groups such as the now defunct Moral Majority and the plague of Muslim fundamentalism sweeping the East. A philosophy that treats all as sinners except those that follow their dogma does nothing but divide humanity into warring religious factions as they battle to glorify themselves, not the beliefs of the great spiritual Avatars. These kinds of groups seek money and power by demonizing those that oppose them and their actions go contrary to the humanitarian concepts upon which they are supposedly based.

The history of organized religions is written in the blood of their followers and those innocent people who simply seek to live a happy and peaceful life. While not negating the good works and intentions of the followers of such institutions, the facts remain that most religious institutions have become self serving and more concerned with self-preservation and dominance than with creating a world of tolerance, brotherly love and peace. Even the recent comments by the Pope regarding the evil Muslims and his depiction of Native Americans wanting and waiting to be proselytized by their conquerors are further examples of this destructive and institutionalized ego.

The Crusades, the Inquisition, and even wholesale genocides have their basis in fundamentalist ideas and concepts. The West colonized Africa to assuage the “white man’s” burden. We destroyed Native American spiritual thought in order to save the “heathen.” We burn the Pagan at the stake because if they are not Christian, they must worship the devil. We kill because you are Sunni or because you are Shiite, even though you are both Muslim. The Muslims attack the Hindu’s and the Hindu’s the Muslims. In all of these tragedies the name of some god is evoked.

To me, all of this is insanity. Those who are considered the spiritual teachers of this world never condoned such violence and yet fundamental movements are said to be based upon their teachings. While I offer my regrets to Mr. Falwell’s family for their loss, it is my sincere hope that no one rises to take his place.

Sunday, May 13, 2007


The lengthening days of spring turn our eyes towards the earth. We rake the last of the leaves, weed the emerging flowers, prepare the mower and the trimmer and perhaps ready our gardens. Sometimes we focus too much on the ground and miss the the dance in the air.

Just the other morning, the sun was rising and the air still had a slight chill. Sipping coffee, I looked out the window at the daffodils but then my senses were bombarded by an aerial display that gave me cause to just watch the air. Having recently filled the bird feeders the night before, I was given a pleasant surprise by our feathered friends. Scores of bright yellow goldfinches flew to and from the feeders. Last years pair of humming birds hovered at the window as if saying “thanks for the sweet nectar” and buzzed to the red glass for their morning drink. At least two dozen robins paraded across the lawn in search of emerging worms. Blue jays came in and scattered the goldfinches, but only momentarily. Red winged black birds took their turn on the sunflower feeders only to be replaced by chickadees. A small flock of geese flew low and then honked their way to the nearest body of water.

The air was alive with life, color and sounds and songs. The parade and acrobats continued and scores of barn swallows performed feats of flight that still mystify our best engineers. It then dawned on me that perhaps we look down to often. We get so caught up with the chores that must be done on the ground that we overlook the beauty and inspiration that circle above us.
It seems that these days we are so concerned with the negative side of our world that we neglect its beauty. These wonderful creatures worry not about where they will get their food, they just search and find. Nature, sometimes working through us, provides for their needs. They do not worry about their next meal, where they will sleep or how to escape the next storm. They just live life to its fullest and sing their songs and do what needs to be done and at least appear happy with the bounty that has been provided for them.

Perhaps we should take a lesson from these wonderful creatures. Perhaps we should not be so concerned about the trials of life and so consumed with worry that we manifest all sorts of diseases. Perhaps we should go through life in expectation that our needs are met. Perhaps we should sing a little more, allow others their turn at the trough and relish the sheer joy of each breath. If we could just understand that when one feeder goes empty, there are plenty more to choose from and we need not worry ourselves to death.

Maybe by looking up just a little more, rather than down, we will the see the beauty and joy that is all around us, that is available by opening our eyes. We move through our days so quickly that we fail to take the lessons that are offered freely and openly. Take a moment and don’t just smell the roses, but look around at all of the beauty that nature offers.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


In my article called “The Poisoning of America” I talked about the issues regarding the safety of America’s food supply in light of the recent concern over imported grains from China that were contaminated with melamine. The recent Washington Post article by Rick Weiss added more concern to this issue since the actual contamination was found to be in not just the gluten but also wheat flour. Apparently, this flour has also made its way into food for fish farms raising new concerns that fish stocks may also be contaminated.
According to Rep. Rosa DeLauro who chairs the subcommittee that funds the FDA, “Our food safety system, is broken.”
This is not good news for the American consumer. “Our food system is broken” is actually an understatement. Not only are we being poisoned from without, but much of our problem comes from within our own food supply and processing system. The following is startling news regarding food produced in the U.S. The information comes from the UNEP/UNESCO:

Are consumers at risk when eating meat from animals that have been treated with growth-promoting hormones? Are women in particular at a higher risk from ingestion of hormone-laden meat?
· In the United States, every year approximately 36 million cattle are raised to provide beef for US consumers; 2/3 of these cattle (about 24 million cows) are given hormones to help make them grow faster.; (1)
· According to the Cattlemen's Beef Association, 90% of all US feedlot cattle are hormone implanted;
· According to expert scientists appointed by the European Union, the use of growth hormones in food animals poses a potential risk to consumers' health. The scientists reported that hormone residues found in meat from these animals can disrupt the consumer's hormone balance, cause developmental problems, interfere with the reproductive system, and even lead to the development of cancer;
· Children and pregnant women are most susceptible to these negative health effects. Hormone residues in beef are also thought to cause the early onset of puberty in girls. This puts girls at greater risk of developing breast cancer and other forms of cancer; (3)
· As a result of these health risks, the European Union has banned the use of substances having a hormonal action for growth promotion in farm animals, and has prohibited the import of hormone-treated beef since 1988; (4)
· The US and Canada contested the prohibition and in 1997 a panel of the WTO ruled that the EU measure was not in line with the Agreement on the Application of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures (SPS); (5)
· In April 2004, revelations that up to 90% of US veal calves are being fed synthetic testosterone illegally sent a shock wave through the meat industry, causing a government crackdown and new worries about the impact of hormones on the food supply. In interviews with the media, veal industry officials said that calves have been fed growth hormones for decades. Officials with the Food and Drug Administration, however, say this has never been legal and the safety of this practice has not been tested. (6)
Scientists are also concerned about the environmental impacts of hormone residues that are found in cow manure…
· When manure is excreted, these hormones can contaminate surface and groundwater, thereby harming local ecosystems. Aquatic ecosystems are particularly vulnerable to the negative impacts of hormone residues; recent studies have demonstrated that exposure to hormones has a substantial effect on the reproductive capacity and egg production of fish;
· A study of cows treated with melengestrol acetate (one of the artificial growth hormones approved for use in the US) revealed that 12% of the hormone passed directly through the cows into their manure.
The British newspaper, The Guardian also weighed in on the additive issue. In a may 8th article by felicity Lawrence, she presented some early findings from a study at Southampton University.

“Researchers at Southampton University have tested combinations of synthetic colourings and preservative that an average child might consume in a day to measure what effect they had on behaviour. A source at the university told the food industry's magazine the Grocer last week that their results supported findings first made seven years ago that linked the additives to behavioural problems, such as temper tantrums, poor concentration and hyperactivity, and to allergic reactions.”

The article went on to say that some of the additives used are banned in the U.S. but there can be little doubt that the issues discussed in the British study are also major issues that appear in American youth. There is little doubt that American children are obese, prematurely sexually active, plagued by an increasing array of behavioral and allergic disorders and they are certainly hyperactive. We are poisoning our own children and ourselves with concoctions of chemicals and hormones that will prove to be our undoing.

There is a slight ray of hope, but it is scant. It seems that the dairy industry may be listening to consumers and at least taking hormones out of our milk supply. An article in the San Francisco Chronicle on March 7th notes the following:

“Richard Cotta, CEO of California Dairies Inc., the nation's second-largest dairy cooperative, is guided by a simple business philosophy: "If you want milk with little blue dots, you'll have it, as long as you are willing to pay for it.''
So, when a string of major customers, including supermarket giant Safeway, came to his co-op saying they would no longer accept milk from cows treated with a genetically engineered growth hormone, the co-op bowed to the inevitable.”

This is a start but there is no question, as Rep. DeLauro says that our system is broken. Who needs terrorists when we have our own corporate terrorists’ right here at home? Is our food safe? Let’s support the Rep. DeLauro’s call for reform. We may have lost several generations to chemical poisoning, let’s not loose any more!

Saturday, May 5, 2007


First the dogs, then the cats and now the people! We are being poisoned by imported food. As dogs and cats were dying an outcry went out concerning the import of wheat and rice from China. We then found that the contaminated food, containing melamine, was fed to hogs and over three thousand were scheduled to be euthanized. We are now told that the contaminated food is in our poultry but the FDA says not to worry. Here is a portion of a warning that was just released by the FDA:

“IA #99-29, 4/27/07, IMPORT ALERT #99-29, "DETENTION WITHOUT PHYSICAL EXAMINATION OF ALL VEGETABLE PROTEIN PRODUCTS FROM CHINA FOR ANIMAL OR HUMANFOOD USE DUE TO THE PRESENCE OF MELAMINE AND/OR MELAMINE ANALOGS"TYPE OF ALERT: Detention Without Physical Examination (Countrywide)(Note: This import alert represents the Agency's current guidance to FDA field personnel regarding the manufacturer(s) and/or products(s) at issue. It does not create or confer any rights for or on any person, and does not operate to bind FDA or the public).PRODUCTS: Wheat Gluten Rice Gluten Rice Protein Rice Protein Concentrate Corn Gluten Corn Gluten Meal Corn By-Products Soy Protein Soy Gluten Proteins (includes amino acids and protein hydrosylates) Mung Bean ProteinPROBLEM: Poisonous or Deleterious Substance Unfit For Food Unsafe Food Additive.”

A very simple question that comes to mind is why do we import these things from China? We have the best agricultural land in the world and our farmers have fed millions outside of U.S. borders. Do we not produce enough wheat, corn, soy and rice to feed our nation? Why have we put the American citizens at risk by importing these products from a foreign land? The FDA says that only 1% of imported food is inspected. In this “age of terrorism” does this make any sense? With all of our imported food, inspection should be a top national priority. It is in our food supply that we are most vulnerable. Most foreign countries from which we import food do not have adequate food safety and inspection programs. Further, are there really tests that can detect bacteria, viruses or poison in our food supply? While there may be such tests, if only 1% of the imports are inspected, where does that leave the American public?While globalism may have its place some in some industries, food may not be one of them. Americans are getting increasingly ill through tainted foods. A whole new battery of food related illnesses and allergies have arisen from food that is not local, nor is not even grown in this country. We are no longer able to develop natural immunities by consuming foods that are natural to our environment.It is time to rethink our national food policies and support our local farmers and stop importing foods that we can easily grow here. The contaminated food from China is but one example of what may happen if someone is really serious about killing Americans without having to blow up buildings or highjack airplanes. And shame on the FDA for not getting this food off of the market. How can they even have the gall to say that the little bit of poison will not hurt us? What effect might this food have on our children? How much more food contamination has gone undetected?It seems that the Bush Administration is more concerned about putting corn in the gas tank than ensuring that Americans are not exposed to the deplorable scandal impacting what all of must do, eat.

Thursday, May 3, 2007


There should be little doubt that global climate change is now inevitable. Studies in Britain, the UN and most respectable scientific institutions now unanimously agree that humanity will reap what it has sown. There are opportunities to negate some of the climate changes if action is taken now. However, there seems to be little likelihood that these actions will be taken by Western nations in general and the U.S. specifically. So we are all in for an interesting ride.

Given the coming calamity, why not get rich before the ship sinks? What are the opportunities to rake in those millions before economic collapse? Here are some investment opportunities that budding entrepreneurs might want to explore. It is now certain that major glaciers in places like Latin America, China and most everywhere else are rapidly melting. Water supplies for millions are now in question. If you want to get rich one idea is to build portable water bottling plants near these melting glaciers. What was once given by nature freely can now be put into a wonderful plastic container and saved for near future use and profit. The plant would have to be portable since the rate of glacial melt is speeding up and one would not want to be too far from the receding supplies. Call is “Glacial Springs” and untold millions can be made selling this liquid gold to the dehydrating masses.

Have you looked at the prices of ocean front property lately? Soon these lands will be underwater and future archeologist might mistake Florida for the lost Atlantis. Actually, almost all coastal cities are scheduled to join Davy Jones. The opportunities for vast riches are enormous for ‘future’ waterfront land. Many maps exist that show the extent of inundation as sea levels begin rise and the sharp real estate dealer could make a killing buying inland areas now and selling them as near future waterfront land. If you think this is far fetched there was a recent BBC report about an English couple that have somehow managed to get the rights to sell subdivision lots on the Moon. This is true. They are now millionaires.

People will be on the move. Some areas will flood and others will turn to desert or climatic wastelands. The smart money would be invested in moving companies. Literally millions of people will be displaced and they will have to move their belongings, if they have any, somehow. When the water rises, the wells go dry or the desert encroaches, call Global Disaster Movers. Another good investment would be boxes-you have to pack all of their stuff into something.

Ever hear of Global Disaster Survival Kits? Of course not! Be the first to offer such kits and watch the dollars roll in. What they would contain is merely the work of your imagination. Some suggestions might be tents, sleeping bags, maps, compass, dried food (there’s another money maker), currency for bribes to cross borders, and most items associated with sound natural disaster planning.

Is this meant to be tongue-in-cheek? Somewhat! Under normal circumstances I would suggest investing in alternative energy and energy efficient devices. These, however, will probably be reserved for the few. Which few? The ones that have destroyed the ecology of the planet and who have left you and me out to dehydrating pastures will surly take care of themselves. The politicians have decided that it ‘may’ be appropriate to address some of these issues. They may increase fuel efficiencies by 2030. Will there be a 2030? They sell and trade pollution credits but what they are really doing is selling and trading the future of our children. The changes in climate are not in the far future. You and I both know that things are not right. Change has and is happening now. Finally, the scientific community has had the courage to admit that we are in trouble but nothing is being done. Another money-making idea; write reports for President Bush that says this is all nonsense. After all, dealing with global disaster might hurt the economy. The sad thing is investing in saving this planet would probably create millions of jobs. The problem is that these jobs would not be at the Corporate Headquarters of major oil companies or auto manufacturers. Be creative, there are untold ways to make it big in disasters-just look at Katrina.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


If you have a flat tire, you do not take the car apart to fix it. You simply deal with the problem at hand and “move on.” Why then, have we totally messed up our educational system? It may have had a few glitches but it did not require taking the whole system apart. Our educational system is a shambles. Under the guise of helping all, we are educating none.

When I was in school, which was quite a while ago, education was simple. We had college level, business and vocational education classes. It seemed to work. Those who were going to pursue advanced education took the college level, or “A” classes. Those who might go on to business school took the business classes. Those who were going to seek a trade for their occupation went into vocational education. There were variations on this theme but that is how it essentially worked. If you passed the classes you graduated, if not, you did not.

The real issue in this system is that it did not really address the students with special needs. To correct this problem and deficiency, we have dismantled the car to fix the flat and the car is still not running properly. Keep in mind that under the old system students could read, write and do at least basic math. Before you passed the course you took a final to determine if you really understood the heart of the courses. Upon graduation you were ready to attend College or business school or you found work in a trade like plumbing, auto repair, electrical occupations or perhaps office work. With this system in place, we became the most powerful nation on the planet and created the largest world economy. If you could not pass the educational muster, you went into the military.
There is no question that under this system there were students that did not get a fair shake. Those with developmental disabilities were, in fact, left behind. And, while this issue needed to be addressed and corrected, it should not have been at the expense of the entire educational system. Many of today’s graduating students have been short changed. Having to teach to the least common denominator, students have found themselves with, at best, a “B” level education. They are poor readers, cannot write a coherent paragraph and are mathematically below standard. While this is not true of all students, there is no question that the bar has been dropped so low that that the term, “the dumbing of America” is a current catch phrase.

Today’s students lack initiative and competence. They do not know how to question the world around them and they do not even know the geography of the world in which they live. The “cream of the crop” has continued to dwindle. Freshman year in college is now a repeat of basic high school classes as incoming students are not really prepared in the fundamentals. It almost seems that a college degree is becoming the equivalent of a high school degree.

The system of education we used to have was not perfect but it did not need an overhaul, merely a tune up. We have gone from one education craze to another and have ended up with several generations of young adults that are unprepared for the complexities of our rapidly changing world. The “nation of sheep” is becoming a reality and with their complacency liberty and democracy will be in jeopardy. I do not really believe in the “good ole days.” Looking back we always tend to remember the things that seemed right and there is no question that all was not perfect. Burt as far as education goes; our students need to get back to the basics. Consequences for poor grades and misbehavior need to have some bite. Parents need to get involved and support actions of the schools rather than always trying to undermine school authority which is at an all time low.

There is no question that education needs to be relevant and the needs of “all’ children must be addressed. Until students and parents are willing to take some responsibility for faltering grades rather than blaming the schools we will be caught in a downward spiraling cycle of growing ignorance. To me, it is ignorance that is the root of humanity’s ills. As the current crop of college graduates assume the role of teachers and leaders, my concern for our future grows ever skeptical.