Thursday, December 4, 2008


It is time to end all of the “disease awareness” weeks, days and months. If you believe that form follows thought, these types of events are perpetuating the very things that people are trying to end. While noble in intent, the constant barrage of cancer awareness, AIDS awareness, Diabetes awareness, erectile dysfunction awareness, mental illness awareness and a multitude of other dysfunction awareness weeks merely serve to focus attention on the problem, not the solution. In other words, these best intentions have been paving the way to certain health malfunctions.

As we bring the awareness of all of these diseases into our minds, we give them life and energy. For the adherents of “The Secret,” these events should sound very clear warning bells. Wisdom tells us that when we war against something, that ‘something’ gains in strength. The ‘wars’ on poverty, drugs, terrorism and other issues have not been successful because they feed the thoughts that they try to destroy. According to the book, POLARIZING YOUR LIFE TOWARD PERFECTION, “When you fight something, you add energy to it. For every action, thoughts included, there is an equal and opposite reaction…By saying that you want to be well, you are telling yourself, and the Universe, that you are not well, and so form follows thought, reality flows where consciousness goes.”

When, for example, we have breast cancer awareness week, we are accepting the concept of this disease into our thoughts. What is created is a sense of fear. Minds begin to wonder if this is something that will happen to me. We begin to give energy and life and plant the seed for it to manifest. The same is true for any other disease. One attracts what one fears the most. I have a friend who, because her mother died of colon cancer, that she was going to get it, too. It was a constant topic of discussion. She was convinced it would happen to her and sure enough, it did. After treatment it went away but she insists that the remission is temporary and it will return. We are barraged by ads and groups that want you to become aware of a particular disease and they want you to help ‘fight’ it.

We are reminded in the book, JESUS TAUGHT IT, TOO: THE EARLY ROOTS OF THE LAW OF ATTRACTION (2ND edition) that the Master said, “…as thou hast believed, so it be done unto you.” It does not get ant clearer than that. Whatever you believe is the basis for you reality. What you believe ‘becomes’ your reality. Buddha adds, “We are what we think. With our thoughts we make the world.” While it is clear that those who sponsor these ‘awareness’ weeks are not trying to make you sick, the result is nonetheless the creation of fertile soil in which these diseases take root. It is clear that the more society hears of a disease, the more prevalent it seems to become. Just like with, “the flu is going around.” Soon after everyone you know gets the flu.

Modern medicine is showing increasing evidence that our state of mind is fundamental to our health. Fear creates stress; stress creates disease. The leading proponents of the Law of Attraction, Byrne, Canfield, Demartini, Proctor, Assaraf, Beckwith, Garris, Harris and scores of others all echo the same refrain, “Our body is really the product of our thoughts.” When we are infected with Aids awareness, heart disease awareness, breast cancer awareness and more, we are creating a mindset that breads the very thing that is being fought. The solution to this dilemma is simple. Create “Heart Appreciation, Healthy Living, Body Appreciation, Healthy Mind, etc. weeks.” Rather than putting the focus on the disease, put the focus on how to have a healthy

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Jeez good point Phil! AID awareness, Cancer awareness - fact, I better stop even talking about it right here and now.