Friday, December 19, 2008


Pain is an alarm given by the body to let you know that something is not right. A headache may be telling you that you need more sleep or need to drink more water. A heart condition may be saying you need to reduce stress or fatty foods. Cancer may be saying that you need to not keep things in that eat away at your life.

While most now accept the fact that the state of mind, past and present, have a direct effect on your physical health, many still do not understand or accept that mental states affects every other aspect of life. Spiritual leaders from all cultures and religions have proclaimed the same fundamental truth; your thoughts and beliefs are the controlling factors in your job, relationships, health, and overall well-being.

What does this mean for you? This means that you are literally the architect of your everyday life. It means that each moment, you choose what the next moment will bring. It means you have the power to choose happiness, love, prosperity and abundance. It means that despite what you read in the news, you do not have to live a life of fear, lack, loneliness or ill-health.

We discover what we are, by experiencing what we are not. People often dwell on past “errors” and are consumed by them; they let these “errors” control their thoughts and therefore their reality. There are no mistakes. When you have committed what you believe to be an error you discover an aspect about yourself that requires attention. Just like with the headache, the pain caused by so called “mistakes” tells you that you need to adjust a part of your thought process. Focus upon what you have learned about yourself from such perceived errors and you shall evolve one more notch. By focusing on the new knowledge rather than the event, the pain goes away and the new information is now a tool to help you live a better life. A lesson learned is not a mistake.

The return of the Sun on the Solstice is also symbolized by Christmas. 2009 may be a very trying year for those who get caught up with the fear and anxiety of world events. These events are just like the headaches and the so-called mistakes. If society learns, it evolves. Most of the current adults on the planet are here to usher in a new paradigm. We created a world of fear to learn that fear only leads to sadness and destruction. We created an illusion of darkness in order to better understand and appreciate the LIGHT Was it a mistake? Not if we learn the lesson. With the returning Light, armed with the knowledge gained from our recent history, we are now in the position to totally change the world’s reality. We did good! We messed things up so bad that no rational being could possibly want to “stay the course.” We have brought the people to the borders Promised Land. It is just around the bend. If “we” do not enter, rest assured, our children will.
So in this Holiday season take solace and comfort. You have not made mistakes. What you did was necessary to bring yourself, and the world, to this precious moment of change and evolution. There is truly nothing to forgive. There is nothing to regret. You have brought the world to the GREAT AWAKENING and it could not have happened without YOU!

In the BLESSING OF LIGHT AND LOVE rejoice; for the time draws near when all of your hopes, dreams and highest desires shall be manifest. YOU are the SECOND COMING and you are here, NOW!

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