Monday, September 29, 2014

The Climate Monster Under The Bed

While the monster under the bed has been exposed with the help of the Climate Change Marches, will anything really change? The rhetoric is wonderful. As the President said, "No nation -- including ours -- is immune to climate change." But despite all of the speeches and talk of the need for action, it appears that very little will be accomplished.

Sure, executive orders can accomplish a few thins and enforcing rules and regulations could also help, but given that U.S. emissions actually rose this past year and global CO2 emissions set another record, the efficacy of these tools are clearly questionable.

Yes, in recent surveys Americans were found to be more aware of and concerned with climate change, but will people vote for the environment in the upcoming mid-term election? Polls would indicate no. And any real talk of new rules and laws are still putting action years out. Nations aren't even meeting on the topic until December in Lima and then do nothing until Paris in 2015. And even then, given past experience, any real action may not occur for many years after.

The monster in no longer under the bed. It is running rampant throughout the world. With so much money being spent on the effects of climate change, war, and the control of disease, what will be left to spend on ameliorating climate change impact. We cannot stop climate change. What we can do is prepare people and the world for a pollution free and energy sustainable future.

Follow the money to know why little will be done.

Deadly Quake, Storm Alerts, Spaceweather | S0 News Sept 29, 2014

Monday, September 15, 2014

Is the West Responsible for ISIS?


Much blame has been placed on the West, the U.S. in particular, for creating ISIS. The failure to actually accomplish the mission in Iraq, blunders in Afghanistan, leniency toward Assad in Syria, and overall hatred of the U.S. are cited as a rationale for the rise of militants.

Of course, it begs the question: Is the U.S. government or western corporations responsible the problems? Is it the drive for oil and the thirst for profits that engender the hatred? Fast food, fast cars, mass consumption, cheaper clothes, loud music, lack of respect for cultures, religious differences fueled by greed, and a host of other issues that rise from economic colonialism and globalization are, perhaps, the real culprits in the rise militancy.

If we fight for liberty, the right to choose, the right to life, to practice beliefs freely, to live without fear, the rights of all (definitely for women), and rights regardless of religious beliefs, then we can rightly be blamed. If this issue arises because of economics, then we can rightly be blamed. So I guess in a big way, the West is responsible, but this is amended by the fact that there are those who seek power just to have power and who will kill because they can. This is also true of ISIS. 


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Flood Warning - US Southwest [Sept 15-19, 2014]

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Time for an End Game

Appeasement has never been a good policy. And while fools go where wise men fear to tread, there comes a time when necessity requires action.

The Islamic State, ISIS, is an abomination. They have no religion, no morals, and no respect for human life. They are a cancer in the Middle East and need to be treated as such.

It is always nice to hope that reason, negotiation, and comprise can solve all problems. Generally, this is true. But when a shark smells blood, you can't ask it to sit and talk about its actions. One can understand not just rushing in to a negative situation. But, when waiting greatly adds to the nature of the problem and the ability to deal with it, perhaps even at the cost of a significant number of lives, men, women, and children, then caution must be cast to the winds of fate and and action must be taken.

The IS will not just fade away. They grow in power, strength, and the ability to create death and destruction beyond their confines.

It is time for them to go away, not a slap on a wrist, but an End Game that removes them to the abyss of a bad memory.

With respect to Putin, please remember Neville Chamberlain. While no one wants a direct confrontation with Russia, we know that if you give a bully an inch, they take a mile. Please, leaders of the West, don't let Putin get more out of hand, it would be a very bad decision.