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5MIN News October 30, 2013: Sky Spray Admitted, ISON, Quakes

Friday, October 18, 2013

The Exodus Reality


The Exodus Reality

Exodus ScottyJohn
Scott Alan Roberts and Dr. John Ward

Unearthing the Real History of Moses, Identifying the Pharaohs, and Examining the Exodus From Egypt

By Scott Alan Roberts and Dr. John Ward
New Page Books — October 2013

In this groundbreaking work, the authors reexamine humanity’s most enduring account of bondage, emancipation, and freedom. The Great Exodus is the story of how one man, empowered by divine epiphany, brought the mighty ancient kingdom of Egypt to its knees. The authors present two opposing, yet strangely interlaced historical accounts for the Exodus, naming the historical pharaohs and surprising candidates for the historical Moses.
“The character of Moses and the topic of the Exodus are historical enigmas that have given rise to entire branches of Egyptological study and research for centuries. I applaud Scotty Roberts and Dr. John Ward for their research and contribution to this study. While there exist many different opinions and conclusions to these matters, their efforts represent a passion and scholarly approach to the topic. I am honored to endorse The Exodus Reality.”
~ Erich von Daniken , author of History is Wrong and Evidence of the Gods via @amazon

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Thursday, October 17, 2013


A tumor has been festering in American society and the cure is not a bandage. There are those among us who want to sacrifice the populace on the alter of Wall Street. This disease wants to ensure that: banks aren't regulated; oil companies have unfettered access to anyplace; environmental concerns are trashed; profit is king.

This disease has no use for social programs. The elderly are a burden. The poor are a burden. The sick are a burden. The raped are a burden. Workers are merely tolerated as a tool to exploit.

Yes, Congress passed a temporary budget. But we know that this bandage will not cure the illness. Americans have to decide who and what we are as a nation. And, while all are entitled to their opinions and beliefs, the 'minority report' is not the dictum to the whole. The next election will determine if we want this nation to go into cardiac arrest, or, if we strengthen through exercise and due diligence.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Who Benefits From the Chaos in Washington?

"Who benefits" has become my favorite question. Who benefits from the government shutdown? Who would benefit from not raising the debt ceiling? Who benefits from not compromising? Who benefits from the farce we call Congress?

We know that the right/Tea Party has gambled that they could blame the funding crisis on Obama. We also know that more moderate Republicans went for the ride until they began to see the ship sink and public opinion turn against them. We know that the Democrats and the President have caved all to often and that they felt that if they didn't stand up, for once, that they would hurt their 2014 chances. But, is there a group that transcends this pettiness and gains no matter what happens?

While some vocal business interests have complained about this Beltway fiasco, one can't help but wonder why the monied interests are largely publicly silent. Yes, their henchmen, Tea Party, are quite vocal, but why would they support what could become economic chaos? Who benefits from such chaos? Who benefited from the 2008 Recession and is still making record profits? Who always comes out ahead when their are perceived economic problems? What is their real agenda? Who actually profits from negative conditions such as war, famine, disease, and economic collapse?

The decisions in Washington are not made by the politicians. Strings are being pulled and the puppeteer laughs all the way to the ....

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Questioning Reality A Physicist’s Proof of Psychic Abilities



Questioning Reality A Physi

Physicist’s Proof of Psychic Abilities, Russell Targ
An Open Mind. Six-minute video with Russell Targ.
In this note I will present what I consider to be the very best evidence for psychic abilities. These abilities—which we all possess—offer a spacious mind that can change your life and your view of reality. Buddhists and Hindus have known this since before the time of Christ. The scientific evidence is now overwhelming, and modern physics has the means and tools to embrace it. Such abilities have many names; ESP (extrasensory perception) is presently the most familiar. Others include clairvoyance and psi. The latter is derived from psi (Ψ), the twenty-third letter of the Greek alphabet, referring to the Greek psychē, meaning "psyche” or “soul.”
My background is in experimental physics and perceptual psychology. I have published more than a hundred refereed technical papers dealing with lasers, laser applications, and ESP research in some of the best scientific journals. And I was a senior staff scientist and project manager for more than two decades at Lockheed Missiles and Space Company and at GTE Sylvania, where I specialized in laser communications and atmospheric wind-shear measurements with lasers. As a laser physicist with forty years of experience in psychic research, I am convinced from the ever-growing data that most people can learn to quiet their minds and move their awareness from their ordinary ego-based mindset to a much more spacious and interesting perspective—one that is not obstructed by conventional barriers of space and time. This meditative skill is what the eighth-century Buddhist master Padmasambhava called moving from conditioned awareness to timeless awareness.
My firm conclusion from decades of ESP research is that we misapprehend the physical and psychological nature of the interconnected space-time in which we live. Our internalized perception of nature is often obstructed and obscured by mental noise. This illusion and misperception is what Buddhists call maya or samsara—and it can cause a lot of unnecessary suffering.
I believe in ESP because I have seen psychic miracles day after day in university- and government-sponsored investigations. It is clear to me, without any doubt that many people can learn to look into remote distances and into the future with great accuracy and reliability. This is what we call unobstructed awareness, or more specifically remote viewing. Remote viewing is a psychic ability that involves learning how to quiet your mind and separate the visual images of the psychic signal from the noise of the uncontrolled chatter of the mind. With remote viewing you can describe and experience objects and events that are shielded from ordinary perception by distance or time. To varying degrees, we all have this ability, and I do not believe that it, or any ESP state, has metaphysical origins. I believe it is just a kind of thinking in which we expand our awareness to perceive nonlocally. And it will become less mysterious as more of us become more skillful. Today there are almost a million Google pages devoted to information about “remote viewing.” So at least some people are catching on to the idea that this is not difficult to do.
For example, while working for a CIA program at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in Menlo Park, California, our psychic viewers were able to find a downed Russian bomber in Africa (for which we received a commendation from President Carter), we describe the health of American hostages in Iran, and locate a kidnapped American general in Italy. We also described Soviet weapons factories in Siberia, observed a Chinese atomic bomb test three days before it occurred, and performed countless other amazing tasks.
I was cofounder of the above-mentioned ESP research program at SRI. This twenty million–dollar, twenty-three-year program, launched during the Cold War, was supported by the CIA, NASA, the Defense Intelligence Agency, Army and Air Force intelligence, and many other government agencies. We developed the technique of remote viewing, which enabled a person to accurately describe and experience places and events blocked from ordinary perception. We published our highly significant findings in the journal, Nature, The Proceedings of the Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers, and The Proceedings of the American Institute of Physics. Our research has been replicated worldwide, and remote viewing is so easy to do that it has become a cottage industry. Many of those teaching it are from the Army Psychic Corps that we created at Fort Meade, Maryland, in the 1980s.
Two further outstanding events in my psychic career involved, first, my little post-SRI research group called Delphi Associates, where we made $120,000 by psychically forecasting— for nine weeks in a row–the direction and amount of changes in the silver commodity futures market—without error. This successful forecasting of “December silver” made the front page of The Wall Street Journal and led to a film (The Case of ESP) for the PBS series NOVA in 1983. In the other notable success, our SRI lab was the first to identify and name the kidnapper of heiress Patricia Hearst, who had been abducted from her home in Berkeley in 1974. Our great friend and psychic policeman Pat Price went with us to the Berkeley police station, where I stood with him at a big wooden table as he put his finger on the face of a man his ESP sensed as Hearst’s kidnapper. He did this from a police loose-leaf mug book of hundreds of photos (four to a page). He then went on to tell the police where to find the kidnapper’s car. When all these facts were confirmed the following day, I knew I had just seen a “miracle.” In these cases there is absolutely no chance that it was just our lucky day! 

 In The Reality of ESP: A Physicist’s Proof of Psychic Abilities, Russell Targ shares his comprehensive scientific research to provide convincing evidence that by quieting our minds we can access information in the field of potentiality where there is no distance in space and time.

-- Deepak Chopra, author, War of the Worldviews

This book, detailing its author's many successful investigations into the paranormal, should make those who deny the possible existence of such phenomena think again.

-- Brian Josephson, Nobel Laureate in Physics and Emeritus Professor, Physics, University of Cambridge


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Citizen Boehner, Reign of Terror, Extortion


Remember the French Revolution when Robespierre and his Committee of Public Safety instituted the Reign of Terror? Robespierre said, "Terror is nothing but swift, severe, indomitable justice; it flows, then, from virtue."

Friends of Robespierre were referred to as Citizens; thus, Citizen Boehner or Citizen Cruz. The "Citizens" in France merrily went about lobbing off the heads of anyone who disagreed with the goals of the revolution.

Now we have the ACA which was passed by Congress and signed into law. And, there is also a process to amend laws. If you lose, you can try again, but you don't resort to extortion as a means to achieve your limited ends and minority philosophy.

In the end, the people beheaded Robespierre.

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