Thursday, June 1, 2017

How NOT to Make America Great

Being great does not mean withdrawing into a shell, only concerned about yourself, all the while putting down others and trampling on their rights.
Being great means taking the lead, being a part of the whole while preserving the rights of the one. The needs of the one and the many are the same.
Being great is justice for all, freedom for all, and caring for the needs of all.
Being great is the willingness to do what's right, ignore the odds, and take chances.

How can anyone believe that shutting down, ignoring friends, lying, deceiving, colluding, berating, and encouraging hatred and abuse is being great?

We have temporarily lost America. And, if history is any guide, once lost, it is almost impossible to get it back. While the fiddle is being played, the world is moving on, leaving us in their dust, laughing at the once great nation that now wallows in its own ignorance and demise.

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