Sunday, January 25, 2009


If a tourist asks a Down-easterner from Maine directions, he might be told, “You can’t get they’ah from he’ah.” This phrase was popularized by the infamous Bert and I created by the late Marshall Dodge in the late 50’s. Try to ask anyone what it means and you will get as many answers as respondents. The definition I will use is that “the road you are on won’t take you where you want to go.”

President Obama has a new vision for America but we must understand that the road we are on will not take us where we want to go. The paradigm we cling too will not manifest the new vision. Take a look at the economy. The efforts by former

President Bush were to stay the course and give more money, our money, to the very institutions that generated the crisis. While President Obama seems to have a better grasp of the true nature of problem, we are still talking about giving more money to those same institutions. You simply cannot get economic recovery on that road. Simply put, people do not need more credit. It is the abuse of credit lending institutions that is the genesis of the problem. How is the average American helped if they go deeper into debt? The real problem is that we cannot get rid of our bills because of the high interest rates for credit cards, mortgages, auto loans and the like. You pay and pay but the balance never goes down. This road is a dead end for the consumer.

President Obama’s vision is unattainable if we insist on travelling on a road that will not get us they’ah. Peace in the Middle East will not be achieved by travelling on the same road. We will not have universal health coverage by travelling the same road. We will not manifest the idea of ‘love thy neighbor’ by travelling the worn out religious road. We will not educate our children by travelling the same road. To achieve the new vision we need a new paradigm, a change in the fundamental thought process. The President talked about “worn out dogma.” He gets it. But, do the pundits, economists, educators, health workers, environmentalists or the consumer get it? It is not just a matter of doing business as usual; it is about a whole new business. You can only fix an old car for so long and then it fundamentally breaks down. Pills and wasted surgery will only hold off the pain or disease for so long; then the body breaks down. You can only preach righteousness for so long while you allow genocide, strife and poverty and then the system breaks down. You can talk a good deal about reducing carbon emissions and about alternative energy, but the system is breaking down. The old patches and band-aids are no longer functional, they are worn out and the bleeding is showing on the gauze.

We do not need to talk about sacrifice. That is also a ‘worn out dogma.’ What it really means is that you and I have to suffer while the heads of corporations get bonuses and expensive retreats. The old paradigm says that if you sacrifice, maybe your children will have a better life. Sorry, that worked for several thousands of years, but it is worn out. There are no shortages of money. There are no shortages of ideas. There are no shortages of job potential. There are no shortages of knowledge to convey to our school children. There are only shortages if we believe in them and, the ‘worn out dogma’ wants you to believe in them. That has been their “Secret.”

Just the other day I received in the mail numerous requests by banks offering to give me all kinds of credit. We still see the ads for new cars, pills for scores of new dysfunctions and enticements to invest in this or that fund. Religions are issuing new lists of sins, stirring up old hatreds, and condemning any action that even hints of free choice. This is worn out dogma. Sociologists say we need to break the cycle of poverty. The new paradigm says we need to create a cycle of prosperity. The worn out dogma says we need to preserve the jobs of auto workers. The new paradigm says we need to employ people in new modes of getting people and goods from point ‘a’ to point ‘b.’ The old way is to search for new oil and gas. The new way is to say we need to develop new, sustaining, non-polluting forms of energy. The old way says take a pill. The new way says to focus on a healthy body, mind and spirit. The old way says to go to church every Sunday. The new paradigm says that wherever you are, you are on holy ground.

If we truly want change, we must abandon the old roads. They have taken us to this point, but as any Mainer will tell you, filling the potholes does not last very long. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and tear up the old raid and build a new one because “you can’t they’ah from he’ah.”

Monday, January 19, 2009


I really did march with Martin Luther King in Boston against school segregation. I was a high school senior and a friend and I cut school to go in town. While I did not fully understand the importance of the event when we decided to march, it did not take long to get caught up with the energy and emotion of the day. Boston Common was electric. The air was filled with prayer, song and chant. While most who attended were African-Americans, we felt no ill ease or apprehension. We were welcomed as fellow souls standing up for freedom and justice. Race was not an issue, at least not for those who were there to march.

Then the magic moment came. We were walking on the outer edge of the march when we spotted Martin Luther King. As his line of marchers, arms locked in brotherhood, caught up with us, we jumped and for one brief moment, stood shoulder to shoulder with Rev. King. We were soon crowded out, but we nonetheless, had the experience. We listened to his speech at the rally and I can honestly say that I was fundamentally changed.

Soon, all of my heroes were dead; John, Bobby and Martin. I watched Washington D.C go up in flames when Rev. King was shot. I was in college at the time at The American University in D.C. As we all know, Martin Luther king “had a dream.” That dream was a seed planted in the souls of those who would listen. That seed is about to flower-maybe. President Obama is not the flower, but rather a petal upon the rose. He is not the dream made manifest. It is all of us who must make that ‘dream’ a reality. It is all of us who must create the rose in which we all share in the land of “milk and honey.”

This is what I learned from Martin Luther King; to manifest the dream, we do not follow a leader, we walk arm-in-arm with the leader.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Many have said that the election of Barack Obama represents the end of the era
of the baby-boomer generation. I beg to differ. In fact, the election of Obama is the fulfillment of the baby boomer generation.

As we pass the torch of power, boomers can feel a sense of redemption when Obama takes the oath of office. In truth, our moment in history will be recorded as the one that most altered the course of history. Arising from the ashes of World War II, boomers literally rocked the world in the 60's and 70's. Rejecting the ideology of those who came before us, we declared that LOVE' is the answer to all of our questions. We institutionalized our historic commitment to equality for all. From civil rights to gender rights, we broke the back of hatred and bigotry. We said 'no' to separate but equal' and proclaimed that no topic is sacred and beyond question. We raised
the 'red flag’ on environmental destruction. We 'caught a glimpse' of the true nature of our relationship to each other and the world in which we live; but, our failing was that we became consumed by consumption.

As the 'age of technology' took hold we were fascinated by all things new. Gadgets and gizmos, a speeding lifestyle, and life on the go with fast food and fast cars were as enticing to us as it was reported to be to the Atlanteans of ancient lore. We thought we could do both; conspicuously consume and erase our sin by pushing for bottle bills. Money flowed like water from a garden hose as we were enticed to buy more, toss away, and then buy some more. Gold cards, Platinum cards, and equity lines of credit enabled us to spend double, triple our wages. And so what, government was doing it, why not us? To fight rising prices we sent our production to foreign workers who received pennies a day in sweat shops. As long as the gadgets and the credit kept flowing, we could ignore the cries of child labor in remote places of the world. Our money was the standard for the world and our military kept it that way. Mess with us and the newest technology and super weapons would set you straight.

But, in the deep recesses of our memory, we felt the growing pains of the seeds that we planted in the 60’s and 70’s. Something was not quite right. We were haunted by the memories of ‘love-ins,’ the toppling of a president that had gotten out of control, civil rights marches and the recurring dream of Camelot. And even though the never really free market system continued its daily barrage on our senses to spend, spend, and spend – deep down inside – we began to question. What was with all of the new diseases? Why do our children not want to learn? What is happening to all of those species that once populated our lakes, forests and jungles? Why is the weather acting so strange? What is happening to our culture? Why are crime rates getting out of control? What is that spilled oil really doing to our environment? Are you sure those materials are safe? Who really did make that sweater? Where are all of the jobs going? Why is it getting more difficult to pay all of those credit cards?

Our peaceful but shaky world shattered on 9/11. Our attention and questioning was diverted and we rallied to fight the new enemy. But who where the enemy? We could not find them. In a state of fear and paranoia, we gave away freedoms, money and lives. And, as my good friend Marvin Wilson would say, Owen Fiddler came to town. It was time to pay the fiddler, the piper and the ferryman. Stretched beyond our means to a level that only the bankers knew and even encouraged, the money tree was chopped down. We all know the story; it plays out in the news every day. We, the “baby boomers,” brought ourselves to a state of collapse. We made thing so bad that only the most ignorant would say we could stay the course. Had all of this not happened, we would have awakened one morning to find that our ecosystem had collapsed and that there was nothing we could do to alter the continuation of the “Sixth Great Extinction” that would soon include the human species. By bringing our lifestyle to an abrupt halt, we had to take notice.

Barack Obama’s election was our crowning achievement. Not because he is some super human savior that will solve all of our problems, but because he represents the re-emergence and manifestation of the dreams of those aged ‘flower children.’ Because of our errors and our ignorance, we have allowed the Lady of the Lake to return Excalibur. Not to President Obama, but to us. But we are not yet finished. We must still lead our children to the Promised Land, even if many of us will not enter it. This is not in any religious sense, but rather in the sense that we must continue to teach and remind the new generations not to repeat our mistakes. This is our parting gift,our legacy; we have shown the world how not to live.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


I really don't know! I have seen a lot of interesting opportunities to participate in interesting teleseminars but I have been skeptical. Are they really free? Are they just a scam? I have often thought of holding a teleseminar but have no clue as to how to set one up. If they are ripoffs, I would not want to do one anyway. So, to get some straight information I invited Kathleen Gage to interview on my BlogTalkRadio show, this coming Monday, January 12th, 8pmEST. Here is some information about Kathleen-hopefully we can find out the TRUTH about this growing phenomenon. Kathy offered a free report on Teleseminars which I got. it is pretty good. If you want a free copy go to this url:

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Thursday, January 8, 2009


Despite early skepticism, President–Elect Obama defeated all of the odds to win the 2008 election. Why and how did this happen? Is Obama the right man to lead us toward 2012? Was his vision of our future just what the seers ordered in what many feel this is the Time Troubles? Does his election mean that, perhaps, America is back on the right track to regaining world confidence that we can lead others into a new golden age? HOW OBAMA WON, by Earl Hutchinson, explains the how’s and why’s of Obama’s victory in a brave new look at our 44th President. Only time will tell if Obama is the right choice, but Hutchinson tells us now why the choice was made.
CHAPTER 3 (Excerpt) - t Was Still the Economy Stupid
In a two minute nationally paid campaign broadcast billed as a "presidential style" talk to the nation in mid September, 2008, Obama talked about one issue, and one issue only, the economy. There wasn't much new in his talk. But it really didn’t have to be anything new. Polls by then showed the economy; or rather the train wreck of the economy was really the only thing on voter’s minds.
Obama again vowed to cut taxes for the middle-class, clean up Wall Street's mess, and create lots of jobs for everybody. He aimed to firmly seize back the high ground on the defining issue of economic misery of the middle and working class, the Bush-GOP caused economic misery that is. This was widely regarded as his sure fire ticket to the White House. It was a play on the old political truism that it's the economy stupid that wins or loses presidential elections.
From day one of campaign 2008 the enshrined article of political faith was that voters were so furious at Bush for causing massive plant closings, farm failures, corporate bungling, fraud and corruption, the housing collapse, soaring gas prices, and the wholesale flight of jobs to the far corners of the planet, that all a Democratic presidential contender had to do to win was pass the breath test on Election Day. It of course wasn’t quite that simple.
How Obama Won is a provocative, hard hitting critical assessment of the issues, events, forces, politics, pressures and controversy that shaped and ensnared Barack Obama in his historic 2008 presidential campaign.

Political analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson examines the impact of race and gender, campaign strategy, the key political players, the nature of presidential politics, the changes in the Democratic and Republicans parties, the importance of the black, Hispanic, youth, women and blue collar white worker votes, the role of corporation and special interests in American politics.

Hutchinson tells what the first African-American to win the White House means to America and the world.

How Obama Won

Hutchinson tells why:
• Race was not a factor in Obama’s win

• The Iraq war and the terrorism were not compelling issues in the campaign

• Sarah Palin hurt McCain

• Many blue collar whites and rural voters supported Obama

• Obama was able to top McCain in fundraising

• Ultraconservatives did not unite behind McCain

• The economy ultimately sunk McCain

• Obama’s win will and won’t change politics in America
Earl Ofari Hutchinson is a nationally acclaimed author and political analyst.

He is a frequent guest analyst on:

The John Gibson Show

O'Reilly Show

Hannity & Colmes

Glenn Beck Show

PBS Lehrer Report,

NPR's Talk of the Nation

Various CNN News Shows.

He is the National Political Writer for New America Media and a regular contributor to: the Huffington Post, and BlackAmericaWeb.Com

E-book of How Obama Won is NOW Available -
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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


The History Channel cried when ‘wolf’ when it aired its show, NOSTRADAMUS: 2012, on January 4, 2009. The show began on a very dire note with implications that Nostradamus and ancient messages predicted the ‘end of the world’ in 2012. Images of devastation, floods, disease, wars, environmental disasters and social chaos inundated the screen. If you only watched the first 90 minutes, my guess is you may have been convinced that the “End Times” are upon us and that there is little hope for the survival of the species.

The basic problem with the presentation is that much was taken out of context and most interpretations were ‘exoteric’ in scope. The pieces on Nostradamus dealt with only a few of the images in the “LOST BOOK” and thereby lost context. It is like the religious practice of quoting several chapters and verse in order to support dogma and ignoring any text to the contrary. But, even more fundamental, is the fact the interpretations of the images were too superficial. They focused on the obvious (exoteric) and not the hidden (esoteric) aspects of the pictographs.

One such example is the plate that shows an arm holding a sword; a primitive club on a tree; a scorpion; an eight spoke wheel; a lamb; various twisted pieces of ribbon; and, a golden rectangle. Regarding this image it was said that it was representative of the signs of the zodiac and the destruction of the tree of life by the club. The twisted ribbons were said to represent the spiral nature of the galaxy. This is very superficial. Without going into excessive detail, let’s take another quick look at this image. The central piece is the arm (man) holding the sword (fire, life force) and wrapped with a spiral ribbon (Kundalini energy and DNA). The club (dogma) is not hitting the ‘tree of life,’ but is rather contrasted with the tree (dogma vs. wisdom). The other twisted ribbons are like waves or vibrations which is the true nature of the Universe; a sea of vibrating energy. The scorpion is all that is hidden as revealed by the lamb (inner Christ). The golden rectangle, the golden mean and the golden ratio (1:1.618) are indicative that a fundamental change and awakening is possible in the changing sea of vibration in which we live and breathe and have our being. The wheel (Wheel of Ezekiel) deals with the quadrature of the circle, the tetragram, the four basic elements, the single source from which all things radiate and the perpetual motion and vibration of the Universe. It is in this light that we begin to reach the esoteric meaning of symbols. Those like Nostradamus, DaVinci and Newton were all mystics with affiliations to ‘secret societies.’ And, it is through the use of symbols that their knowledge has been transmitted to future generations through tools like the Tarot Code.
One more example should suffice. A great deal of attention was paid to the glyph that contained a man with an empty book of life; a wheel without spokes; two females, a stag and more twisted ribbon. Just for context, if one examines all of the plates of Nostradamus it should be quite evident that almost every picture has some form of spiral, twisted ribbon, coiling snakes or other image that speaks to vibrating energy which is often moving upward. These are often accompanied by images of the sun and moon representing male and female energies, fire and water, conscious and unconscious thought and not just zodiacal signs. There was great concern in the show that the book was empty and the wheel had no spokes. This, according to some commentary, was a sign that the world was coming to a point of major disaster. Rather, the focus should be upon the idea that the spokeless wheel is a symbol of the unity of all matter, energy and thought which is contained in the Sacred Rota, the wheel and the ending of a great cycle. The empty book of wisdom indicates that the knowledge from that book has been absorbed into the human consciousness. The stag symbolizes the sacred God/Goddess, the creative powers (male/female) in the universe and spiritual power. Its change in color as seen in other plates to white indicate the emergence of the Christ consciousness. The two females in red dress and white head garments represent duality; the old crone and the new maiden; the passing on of wisdom (Sophia); the Chakras that go from red to white and then gold; and the union of the male and female energies. Taken together, we see the Law of the Triangle, the law of manifestation. At the top of the plate is a semi-circle bisected by the vibrating ribbon and the empty wheel contains a star. There are several levels here. One is that even the divinity that is achievable by humanity is still dwarfed for the infinite wisdom and magnitude of the universe. The other is that within the human DNA lies a seed that will transform as the earth energies change. This is actually happening as scientist tell us that the earth’s ‘hum’ has risen from 7hz to close to 11hz. It is quite possible that mitochondrial DNA in each cell may undergo a rapid evolution that will alter forever the physical nature of man.
The last 30 minutes of the show was different but, the question is; was anyone listening? It was only here that a more accurate depiction of the Mayan, Nostradamus, Hopi and Egyptian prophecies attained a greater degree of accuracy. Keep in mind that all of the ancient cultures, mystics, seers, avatars, secret societies and codes ‘did not’ revolve around a hidden prophesy that the world would end on December 21, 2012. As indicated in the show, what is more accurate is that humanity is approaching a moment in time where he can consciously choose his next evolutionary step. We are warned that a great vibratory train is headed straight for us and that we must choose to either stay in its way or to get off of the track. If there is disaster, it will be because we stayed on the track. As with Nostradamus, the Book of Revelations and other prophecies, we are given the tools, in the form of a largely pictorial code, to raise our awareness, our vibration and our very nature above the ‘slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.’ It is time to look deeply into the tools and images that been offered as a gift to our time and learn the true revelation of their inner meanings.

The History Channel has cried wolf, but is the public to jaded to listen? From doomsday, UFO, religious and fundamentalists cults to the cries of Y2K, many dismiss such programs as scary entertainment that raises a chill but which lacks and truth. Notions of a ‘second coming’ and Armageddon has simple been shouted too often. However, it must be clear to all that fundamental change is occurring on the planet. Every aspect of our lives is being shaken to their very core. So in the immortal words of Pink Floyd; “just nod if you can hear me.”

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Polarity shift is a real issue that will affect the entire planet. Government sources seem to want to downplay how fast a shift can happen while science says it can occur over a few days. Who do you believe? Government sources like to say not to be concerned, it may not happen for another thousand years. These same sources said that global warming was centuries away. Science says that there is growing evidence that we may well be in the process of a shift. Who do you believe? The information that follows is from NASA and some "other" sources. It should be of great interest to all. This is not meant to be alarming, but rather to try to get people's heads out of the sand. The world as we know is coming to an end. The old paradigm is at a close: not just politics and religion, but the environment and our very genetic make-up and our spiritual evolution will happen in your lifetime-if you choose to hang around for a few years. Stay informed-do the research and be prepared.

Go to Science@NASA home page
The Sun Does a Flip
NASA scientists who monitor the Sun say that our star's awesome magnetic field is flipping -- a sure sign that solar maximum is here.

Marshall Space Flight Center

see caption February 15, 2001 -- You can't tell by looking, but scientists say the Sun has just undergone an important change. Our star's magnetic field has flipped.

The Sun's magnetic north pole, which was in the northern hemisphere just a few months ago, now points south. It's a topsy-turvy situation, but not an unexpected one.

"This always happens around the time of solar maximum," says David Hathaway, a solar physicist at the Marshall Space Flight Center. "The magnetic poles exchange places at the peak of the sunspot cycle. In fact, it's a good indication that Solar Max is really here."

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Above: Sunspot counts, plotted here against an x-ray image of the Sun, are nearing their maximum for the current solar cycle. [more information]

The Sun's magnetic poles will remain as they are now, with the north magnetic pole pointing through the Sun's southern hemisphere, until the year 2012 when they will reverse again. This transition happens, as far as we know, at the peak of every 11-year sunspot cycle -- like clockwork.

Earth’s magnetic field also flips, but with less regularity. Consecutive reversals are spaced 5 thousand years to 50 million years apart. The last reversal happened 740,000 years ago. Some researchers think our planet is overdue for another one, but nobody knows exactly when the next reversal might occur.

Scientists have long known that the magnetic pole moves. James Ross located the pole for the first time in 1831 after an exhausting arctic journey during which his ship got stuck in the ice for four years. No one returned until the next century. In 1904, Roald Amundsen found the pole again and discovered that it had moved--at least 50 km since the days of Ross.

The pole kept going during the 20th century, north at an average speed of 10 km per year, lately accelerating "to 40 km per year," says Newitt. At this rate it will exit North America and reach Siberia in a few decades.

Keeping track of the north magnetic pole is Newitt's job. "We usually go out and check its location once every few years," he says. "We'll have to make more trips now that it is moving so quickly."

Earth's magnetic field is changing in other ways, too: Compass needles in Africa, for instance, are drifting about 1 degree per decade. And globally the magnetic field has weakened 10% since the 19th century. When this was mentioned by researchers at a recent meeting of the American Geophysical Union, many newspapers carried the story. A typical headline: "Is Earth's magnetic field collapsing?"

If a polar shift is indeed underway, then the clock is running for a massive, possibly permanent weather shift... the same one discussed in the Pentagon doom and gloom weather report posted on

Even a partial pole shift could have serious weather implications. Radiation levels are actually higher at the poles. Pole rotation will almost certainly cause changes in the ozone layer and weather patterns around the earth. And also the length of winter which this year in NY state, doesn't seem to want to end.

Since the northern lights are mostly in the north polar regions because of the location of the magnetic pole which serves as a high energy particle trap, we will begin to see the northern lights more visible father south as well. When the pole rotates 90 degrees, people could be seeing the "northern lights" down in Cuba. That is...if the weather hasn't become so hostile there that people are not all- consumed trying to survive, and have no time to look into the heavens...

Another interesting implication is that of planetary time jumps. )This is covered on my website at ) We know that in earth's history, the poles have reversed a number of times. What isn't precisely known is the impact on earth's weather when this happens. If the time jumps are happening, then a sudden shift in pole position could also be an indicator of it.

Earths Hum
Scientists also know the Frequency Hum in the Earth is Rising. Our Earth Hum was a constant 7.8 Cycle frequency. we used that 7 cycle format for almost all communications since it is the Baseline. In the Past few years, the Earth's Hum is Changing. The Frequency is rising and has been recorded past 11 cycle format. Right now the Earth Raised about 4 solid cycles in frequency measurements.
Earths Poles Flipping
Scientists believe this raise in Frequency goes directly hand and hand with the Poles getting ready to flip. That's right, Earths Magnetic Properties are changing. The North Side Will Soon Point South, and South Will point North. The Earth Will Flip 120 degrees. Think I'm Crazy? Read what the respected Denver Post Published.,1413,36%257E11676%257E1825410,00.html Scientists around the world are aware of this situation. You can find this information in University Websites, Lecture Notes, and Throughout Books and Publications all over. Nasa Publishes about Polar Flipping occurring in Stars, planets, and Solar bodies. Evidence even shows us that Earths Poles have flipped in the past. The last great pole flip occurred intimately 780,000 years ago. This is also a known Fact and BBC News Offers my backup
So-far We Covered the Change of frequency Vibrations given off by the Earth, The Great Polar Flip, The Super Rare Earth Venus Alignment, and The Extremely Accurate Mayan Calendar. Now I am going to go cover how they all fit.
Brain Frequency And Sine Waves
We know that Change in frequency affect the brains reception guidelines. In other words, If you use a frequency brain stimulation machine doctors can enhance, change, and alter a persons senses. If two frequencies are transmitted with a small gap between them, Like 400Hz and 410Hz The brain will even out the difference naturally make the brain produce a 3rd tone. This 3rd tone made by your brain is a pure Sine wave. The sine-wave will be a 10 Hz tone. Experimenting through the whole range of alpha and theta waves ( from 5 - 12 Hz) it was found that a combination of frequencies consistently caused a complete shift in consciousness. So when the Earths Frequencies finish their change, our senses and brain thought pattern will be seriously deformed. Our electrical body pulses that control every move your body makes, will adjust itself to the Earth.

Friday, January 2, 2009


Here is the basic question: Should Israel stop bombing Gaza? I am of several thoughts on this issue. I think that Israel has a right to exist and a right to exist peacefully. I think that Palestine has a right to exist and a right to exist peacefully.

The obvious problem is that certain factions in Palestine, and the Muslim community in general, want Israel destroyed and wiped off of the face of the planet. This will not happen as any attempt to truly do so would basically result in a kind of war to end all wars. I would think that any rational person in the Middle East understands this. Israel is here for the duration.

Do the Palestinians deserve a true nation-state homeland? Yes, I believe that they do. I do not want to get into the whole historic debate as to whose land is whose and who was there first. That is an endless loop. Time to deal in the NOW.

Why does Hamas think that they can shoot rockets into Israel and not get a response? Why do they think that any people would sit idly by and deal with rocket attacks day after day, year after year? When there is retaliation they get all pissed off. Like, what are they thinking? If you attack you will be attacked.

On the other hand, Israel must get off the fence and come up with a plan to help create a viable Palestinian state. The settlement incursions must stop. The 'powers' that be, including Arab nations, must sit down and decide, once and for all, the exact boundaries of Palestine. And, they must all agree that no matter what, these are the boundaries and anyone that violates them, Arab or Jew, will be dealt with appropriately. If Hamas tries to lob more rockets, then the world community must go in and end it. If Israeli settlers try to violate boundaries, they must be dealt with swiftly.

If the world does not act soon, this region will be the cause of the death of us all. It is clear why Israel does not open the Gaza borders. Fear. And they cannot be blamed for that fear, given past extremists actions. But, Israel must also understand that keeping people in poverty and in isolation only adds fuel to extremist hatred.

Time to end this nonsense before it ends us all. Enough is enough!