Thursday, December 8, 2016

A Pall is Descending

 Image result for dense fog

A pall is descending.
A magma bubbling to the surface spewing its noxious gas and black dust into human consciousness. Justice set aside, tolerance a bygone word.
Dreams and noble desires mired  in the mud, sinking into the land of the forgotten.
Navigation upon the "sea of troubles" blinded by the blind.
Reason abandoned.
Voices silenced in ridicule.
Time for a change? Time for destruction.
Tear down, tear down because they can.
Leaves tumble to the ground. Oceans become seas of decay. Particles fill young lungs. The last chirp, the last roar, the last hoof beat, the last splash.
Lights dimmed, but not extinguished.

Solar Wind Impact, China Quake | S0 News Dec.8.2016