Wednesday, April 27, 2011


SETI telescope array suspends operations due to financial constraints

( -- SETI, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence group that has been using radio telescopes since the 1960’s to "listen" for signals from deep space that could prove the existence of other life in the universe, has had to temporarily suspend operation of its Allen Telescope Array, (ATA) due to a lack of funding.

In this era of "Cut This, Cut That" because we're running out of money, the cuts to SETI, for me, has a much broader implication. Humanity is what it is because of its curiosity. This basic trait led to controlling fire, molding metals, arts, sciences, civilizations, experimentations, and discoveries.

SETI represents all that is positive in humanity. It symbolizes the desire to know, for the sake of knowing. Many things we did in our explorations into space was for the sake of knowing. Sure, many practical things came from the quests and still do, but we went to space to learn, to discover our place in the vast unknown. SETI is the same as 'humanity calling,' a reaching out and a bringing into our consciousness a desire to get to know the neighborhood of life.

With the loss of funding for SETI, it seems we have also lost our desire to know. We have put aside the stars in favor of the mundane, the boring, the drudgery of everyday life. The fire, the dream has given way to the beast, seeking only to survive the day. Is this what we have become? Is this what life is about? Can our species even survive if we have no dreams? Should we survive if the heavens no longer entice our hearts, minds and souls?

Monday, April 18, 2011


Only that which we perceive has value, has any value. If we had no use for gold or diamonds, they would have little value. The same goes for money. Despite the memes created by the economics elite, much of what we call economics is a big lie that, unforyunately, most people believe. Give a poor man a dollar, and it is worth a dollar. Give a millionnaire a dollar, and the value is the same. We have all agreed what a dollar is worth, even though it is merely a piece of paper with no intrinsic worth.

Overtime, economists have convinced us that others can and should determine the value of a dollar. Investors, banks and even foreign governments determine the value of the U.S. dollar and, we also determine the value of foreign currency. But in truth, all of this is simply what people say something is worth. We are convinced by economists and politicians that money is limited. Limited, that is, until they want to print more. There are no laws in the universe that say if you have more money it is worth less and if you have less money, it is worth more. If that were true, poor people would be the wealthy ones and the rich would be poor.

We, as a society, choose what has value. Things we want are produced; things that we don't want, are not. Quite simply and it has nothing to do with hedge funds, equities, futures, etc. All of those things are merely a way for the few to accumulate wealth at the expense of the poor. Take a look at the 2012 budget proposals. Both the Obama and the Republican budgets are in the same league with respect to the amount of cuts. What's a few trillion among friends?

However, it is not how much is being cut, but rather how the cuts are made. that will help determine the future of our society. Obama has drawn a line that, hopefully, he will stick with. ON onwe side of the line (Republican/Tea Party) we have trillions in cuts shouldered by the poor and the middle class. The wealthy get more; the military gets more, and the middle class and poor get less. On the Obama side, the wealthy and military get less and at the middle class and the poor fair much better. The way we go is a fundamental choice and statement about our future. Do we value the elderly, the poor, those struggling to get by, the American dream; or, do we value the wealthy, banks, Wall Street, the goals of an aristocracy?

These are the choices we must make. Personally, I could care less about deficits. Simply print more money and pay the bills and tell people this is what our currency is worth. Live with it. We have placed the value of a piece of paper above the basic needs of people and this will lead us down a path that is the worst of 2012 prophecy.

I have mentioned on numerous occasions  that the prophecies of the likes of Nostradamus, the Mayans, Hopi, DaVinci and others speak of the consequences of choices that we are offered and not some predestined plan. They tell us that if we stay on this road we will fall off the cliff. The soon to be released BOOK III of the WAKING GOD TRILOGY: THE SECOND COMING OF HUMANITY clearly describes how our choices will determine how we fair in the very near future. We are in a Time of Choosing. There are many choosing freedom over tyranny; spirituality over worn out religious dogma; helping the environment rather than destroying it; and, people over bucks. What will be your 2012 reality?

Monday, April 11, 2011


We keep taking it on the chin and Big Business/WALL STREET is throwing the punches. In addition to Republicans asking for more tax breaks for the wealthy, we are all drowning under the weight of oil prices. But why? Is there a supply issue? No, not really. Has there been a huge increase in demand? No, not really. So why?

What Is the Biggest Factor in High Oil Prices?:

Like most of the things you buy, oil prices are affected by supply and demand. However, oil prices are also affected by oil price futures, which are traded on the commodities futures exchange. These prices fluctuate daily, depending on what investors think the price of oil will be in the future. When traders think oil will be high, they bid it up even higher. This soon causes high gas prices..Another reason for high oil prices is the declining dollar. Since oil is denominated in dollars, the 40% decline in the dollar in the last six years puts upward pressure on oil prices. (Source: BBC, Oil Price May Hit $200 a Barrel, May 7, 2008)
Sometimes commodities traders drive up the price of oil, even when supply increases and demand falls. The EIA cites an increased flow of investment money into commodities markets. In other words, money that used to be invested in real estate or the global stock markets is now being invested in oil futures. (Source: EIA Short-Term Energy Outlook)

So you see, what is messing with everyone's  paycheck are a bunch of people making billions by BETTING on the price of oil.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


News reports indicate that Republicans want to increase funding for the Pentagon and pay for it by reducing funding for domestic social programs. So, it seems that taking care of our own domestic needs and problems should play second fiddle to funding stupid wars?

What is the point of a nation that puts the needs of weapons above the needs of the poor, the elderly, the sick and those in need of education? Is this not what we are using our military to do abroad? Are we not spending billions to keep dictators from operating their police states while their people suffer? And this is what the Republicans want for us? Go figure!