Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The end of a chapter

We all know how the book ends ... we die.

We know how it begins ... we're born.

Given that the beginning an end are the same for everyone, what becomes important are the chapters. The chapters are the plot, filled with twists and turns, sub-plots, climaxes and anti-climaxes, parallel plots, rising and falling action, characters human and otherwise, and the full array of human emotion.

On 7/13 a chapter is ending. It's a last page I don't want to read, but the book can't go on unless I do. It was a long chapter whose end comes too quickly. It was filled with fun, excitement, love, physical and emotional pain, sadness, promise and betrayal. If I could, I'd skip the last page, but the universe won't allow that. Sucks how that works. Many things will change after the page is read. The last words will bring great sorrow and pain. There will be a time of mourning. But the book is not yet over, hopefully it has many pages left to read, but there will be a mental and emotional pause before I begin the chapter.

I will not "rage against this night" as all things have their turn, all things have their season. To do so is the rage against life and what's the point in raging against something of which we have so little understanding?

I suspect that while the stories are all different, we have each read such chapters. And now it's time to turn the page.

Fiat Lux