Friday, December 8, 2017

Trump: A Gift From Heaven

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For those who wield power, Donald Trump was an unexpected gift from heaven.

Throughout history, there has been a struggle between those who would enslave and those who would enlighten. You do not know who they are, and they are not who you think or read about.
Generally, bets are hedged. Basically, you will find that those who seek to enslave will support both sides. For example, the .05% will donate funds to both liberals and conservatives in the expectations to get minor concessions for their agenda. This has often been a tactic that has worked. Ocassionally, a person comes along that is more supportive of their cause and more headway is gained, soon to face a backlash from the opposition, and thus the pendulum swings. Just look at the dictators in history, their rise and fall, and rythm can be seen.

On a rare occassion, each side receives a gift, mana from heaven, an individual who champions their cause. Donald Trump is such a gift. He's an inner circle wannabe. Such people serve as tools, puppets, front men, hoping to earn their way in. They never get there, despite appearances. Others border on the circle and have a foot in the door and many changes occur in society. Hitler was a wannabe.  Pope John XXIII had a foot in. JFK had a foot in.

Trump does not have a foot. By doing "their" bidding, he thinks he does, but he doesn't. He is the ideal puppet for he believes he's the puppeteer, but he's the puppet. He's a gift from heaven for those who seek to enslave.

All civilzations, all nations, rise and fall. There comes a time when the people get complacent, they sit on the sidelines, and impetus is given to the extreme to advance their interests. Balance is lost, society crumbles. The cycle repeats until such time that the whole system implodes.

From dust to dust.