Saturday, July 11, 2015

Et Tu, Germany? and Other Thoughts

At one point I was very proud of Greece telling the EU to take their bailout and shove it. Then, Greece caved. Haven't the Greeks suffered enough? What is Germany's problem? They never paid back their war debts. And that bailout money, where did it go? To the banks. Sound familiar? The people suffer and the banks prosper. Sure, there are times when belt tightening may be required, but not to the extent that make people suffer.

One cannot help but wonder what has happened to news outlets. News services like the Huffington Post, and the BBC used to be the place to go for what was really happening in the world. Now, headlines are mainly fluff with more concern about the Kardasians, Game of Thrones with only a few real stories thrown in for good measure. Their science/green pages have gotten absurd with only superficial coverage and lack of depth on what is really happening to the environment and other science breakthroughs. Some stories appear for days as if not much new is happening. Really?

Big talk about fines oil giants are being forced to pay. Give me a break, if you pay an $8 Billion fine but have made $100 Billion, that's a great return on investment.

See all kinds of reports about new alternative energy breakthroughs, then nothing. What's happening with this technology? Where's the follow-up?

Hate to mention this hometown story, but Maine's governor is a ... well ... we just keep scratching our heads.

I have mentioned this before, but remember the book, Fahrenheit 451? Well, with everyone getting offended about everything, view the clip below and see if there is any resemblance to our current society.