Wednesday, February 12, 2014

S0 News February 12, 2014: China Quake, Climate Discourse

Two realities diverge in the woods

Which one will you take? How about the reality less traveled?

It is said that  "if the scientists or observer is expecting a certain outcome to his experiment then that in itself has a large impact on the final results, increasing that potential of that particular probability to manifest from the quantum field, from his 'desired or expected expectation'". 

This same principle holds true in every aspect of life and it is becoming increasing clear that reality is a function of perception and one that changes with each decision we make. We have all experienced waking up in a bad mood and the rest of the day goes to hell. Conversely, approaching a day with a light heart and a positive attitude creates a positive change in all of those around us. We have seen prophecies of doom and gloom come to naught, but perhaps this is really because the warning was heeded and changes were made. And yes, we have also approached issues with high expectations, only to see our hopes crushed. Creating a shared vision can sometimes be difficult. And yet, there are time when the greatest benefit arises from what had been perceived as the greatest disaster.

Throughout our socio-politico-economic systems, we see altering realities at work. Up until recent times, tell people that the economy is great and consumers respond with confidence and the economy improves. Tell people GMO products are wonderful and, at least for a while, everyone buys them. Tell people that the flu or some new manufactured disease is going around, and people respond accordingly-they get sick. Label a politician as too liberal and spend millions in attack ads and the politician is defeated. Each of these acts are reality altering events-conceived in the mind and created in the world.

In physics we have learned that if you measure an electron as matter, you get results for matter. But, measure it as a wave, and you get a wave. The observer and observed are one. So here we stand on a timeline, each moment making decisions that alter the reality. Turn left, you end up in Ohio, turn right and you end up in Maine. Be warned of disaster and expect it, and that's what you get. Be warned of disaster and refuse to accept it and act accordingly and the disaster is averted.

So here we are in the woods of time.  What reality, what path, do you choose to travel? It's really quite funny and quite simple. We each, and collectively, have the power to alter the course of all events. We know the 'secret,' but all to often, let others decide for us.