Tuesday, March 22, 2022

I died a little

 I died a little today

Bombs exploded

Cannons loaded

Children screaming

I died a little today

Amid all the lies

The heartbroken mother cries

Only cold ground to lay her head

I died a little today

They fear to tread among the dead

Calling loved ones, no one fed

I died a little today

We will help and walk away

For fear of stepping into the fray

I died a little today

The voices of hatred so loud

Untouched and so damn proud

I died a little today

Kind words not spoken

Promises broken

I died a little today

Worry about the spark while the forest burns

Soon it will be us, the wheel turns

I died a little today

Truth dissolved

No problems solved

I died a little today

Has all hope faded?

Is my heart too jaded?

I died a little today

Wake up

Wake up

Even nature cries

Friday, March 11, 2022

Boomers last dance

 white clouds over city buildings during daytime


This is the Boomers last dance and last chance. There was a time when boomers were filled with idealism: the Age of Aquarius, love everyone, civil rights, inclusive, question everything, experiment, try new things, explore new ideas. 

But something went horribly wrong. Pong, calculators, fancy cars, fancy gadgets, style, being cool, homes in the 'burbs, having families, 9 to 5.

There had been a sense that we were here to change the world for the better, to throw off the yoke of polluting oil and mass consumerism. We were the New Age of spiritual enlightenment. Remember the Harmonic Convergence? But the bills kept coming, the wallet full of credit cards was sinking under its own weight. Yes, we knew about Silent Spring and that we had to move to protect the environment. But we thought we had plenty of time, technology would solve the day, and would all sing kumbaya. However, the world got away from the boomers and as Pink Floyd says, "comfortably numb." As a result, while there have been movements to protect the planet, the power of the Oil Cartels and their friends have been able to disable movements that would end the their reign.

The hoped for evolution has not really happened and we continue to choke the life out of the planet. Despite catastrophe after catastrophe, people still think that getting even more oil is better then the alternative: the rise of renewable energy. People have believed the propaganda that this change must take time and in the meantime we must build more pipelines and drill more wells. BS

It looks like it will take general calamity to raise this phoenix from the ashes. Floods, sea level rise, pandemics, extreme weather, species decimation, skyrocketing fuel/energy costs, social collapse, wars and more are all coming together to force a change in humanity. Of course we can try to ride it out, but that is a lost cause. Maybe to greedy oil companies have done us a favor, By setting record high prices we have two choices: let drill more, pipe more, and pollute more (Earth is at the tipping point now), or bite the bullet and demand a high speed, all oars in the water push for renewables. The latter would be painful, but the former is definitely deadly.

So dear Boomers, decision time, this is our last dance, our last chance.

man in black crew neck t-shirt wearing black fedora hat

Monday, March 7, 2022

Prayer is nice, but ...


 ...it hasn't historically worked, on a societal scale, to prevent or stop wars. It pits gods against gods and truthfully, the gods could care less. Praying for peace sets one idea against another with the assumption that someone is right and someone is wrong--these being moral judgements. Whose morals are are often suspect.

 Image via altfg.com

 singing revolution

Does this advocate for war? Not in the least. But let's face it, since the birth of religion, prayer have done nothing to stop wars.

Timeline of wars

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The timeline of wars has been split up in the following periods:

I'm sure for most of these wars there were priests/priestesses and commoners praying for peace, or perhaps to win. And yet, century after century proved that the gods do not rule the wars of man.

What's the solution? 



The Salt March

Suffrage Parade

Delano Grape Boycott

Montgomery Bus Boycott

Singing Revolution

 Nonviolent protests are twice as likely to succeed as armed conflicts – and those engaging a threshold of 3.5% of the population have never failed to bring about change. https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20190513-it-only-takes-35-of-people-to-change-the-world

Ultimately, she would like our history books to pay greater attention to nonviolent campaigns rather than concentrating so heavily on warfare. “So many of the histories that we tell one another focus on violence – and even if it is a total disaster, we still find a way to find victories within it,” she says. Yet we tend to ignore the success of peaceful protest, she says.

“Ordinary people, all the time, are engaging in pretty heroic activities that are actually changing the way the world – and those deserve some notice and celebration as well.”

Relying on prayer to end wars, as many do, creates a false hope, instills inaction, and encourages mindless repetition, and solves nothing.

Perhaps the solution is not prayer, but to rise up in nonviolent actions.



Wednesday, October 6, 2021

History has taught us one thing


Image result for no history


History has taught us that we do not learn from history, or .... The often used phrase, "We need to study history so we don't make the same mistakes" has fallen on deaf ears for millennia. 

Are their fewer wars? Have we learned that empires rise and most certainly fall? 

Have we learned not to trust those who promise a great society and then deliver dictatorships? 

Has society learned that all that genocide accomplishes is murder? 

Have we learned and therefore stopped activities that pollute the planet and ourselves? 

Knowing that pesticides are in our food and poisoning our children, have we stopped their use?

We know that hatred solves nothing yet we continue to hate. Racism, bigotry, and hatreds of every description abound.

We know that the few dominate the many and yet all we do is complain but take no action.

It is easy to compile what is a many page list of those things that we have been condemned to repeat. Like the story where the person wakes up everyday and does the same thing, knowing it's happening, but helpless not to relive the events despite efforts to do so.

 Sure, there are some good things going on. But this happens in every generation and never becomes the norm, just always the exception. 

So what have we really learned from history? 

We've learned that wars solve noting, but does make lots of $$$ for bog business. And that's what counts--right?

Genocide is okay because those that commit this atrocity pretty much get away with it without punishment.

It's okay to be a racist, bigot, xenophobe as long as your religion supports it. The you can pretty much do what you want.

Losers may not really lose on the long term, so keep up the fight and you'll wear your enemies down.

Human rights don't really matter but talking about them makes good press.

It's okay to destroy the environment as long as the worst of the consequences won't be felt in your lifetime.

It's okay to support slavery as long as you're not the one enslaved. Again, religious backing helps.

Perhaps if we didn't teach history people wouldn't learn all of these bad lessons. Oh my, this could cause trouble. But remember, if we learn what we can get away with why wouldn't we keep doing it?

Tuesday, October 27, 2020



See the source image 

People can’t breathe | NC Policy Watch


People of Color can't breathe.

Native Americans can't breathe.

Immigrant children can't breathe.

Those on Social Security/Medicare can't breathe.

Those in poverty can't breathe.

Main Street can't breathe.

Women can't breathe.

Endangered species can't breathe.

Rivers can't breathe.

The fish in the sea can't breathe.

The environment can't breathe.

Students and schools can't breathe.

Our hospitals can't breathe.

C-19 patients can't breathe.

Those seeking refuge from tyrants and oppression can't breathe. 

Scientists can't breathe.

Truth can't breathe.

LGBQT can't breathe.

Love, compassion, and empathy can't breathe.

Happiness and hope can't breathe.

The American Dream can't breathe.

Earth can't breathe.

The Trump administration has it's knee on the throat of all that we once valued. Do we, as a nation, still care? Is it now just all about the money? Are we so broken that we no longer care?



Sunday, May 31, 2020

You’re Damn Right I’m Angry May 30, 2020 / John Pavlovitz

Saturday, May 9, 2020

I have to post this!

No America, It’s Not Gonna Be Okay