Monday, December 16, 2019

Why Trump "can" win

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For those of you who still watch real news, you'll notice that in many countries and places--Hong Kong, India, Iraq, Chile, Bolivia, etc.--you hear of citizens in the streets by the thousands protesting threats against civil rights.  Is there any news about Americans in the streets. No, nada, zip.

Americans no longer care. It's all about the show, not the substance. Is that a gross generalization? I hope so. But one thing is certain, those who you know will vote for Trump, will vote. Those who oppose him, may not.
--Trump supporters could care less about impeachment, especially since there's no chance the Senate will convict. They believe in the "witch hunt" scenario.
--They don't care about the Saudis. They have oil, good enough. And, since they don't really watch the news, one more dead journalist is no concern.
--They don't care or even believe in climate change science. To them, it's all about the weather today and not what evil climate changes cometh. In all likelihood, they don't understand the terminology so ignore it. For that matter, probably most science is beyond their understanding.
--Their total take on economics is "if I get a paycheck and can buy a beer and can go shoot something, life is good." Tarifs have no meaning and if Trump says China is paying them it must be true.
--Health care? Damned socialists.
--Education? "We don't need no education ...." And besides, education creates liberals.
--Pollution? Water doesn't taste any different. Skies still blue, sometimes, and who cares about bugs and birds?
--Immigrants? You've got to be kidding. They take our jobs and don't speak good english.

You see, it's about the antics, the show, the Archy Bunker factor. The guy swears and makes fun of people. He's just like us.

These people WILL vote.

If the Democrats do not vote Blue No Matter Who, Trump wins. If they don't vote Blue because the nominee doesn't promote all the things they want. Trump wins. If they don't have the most massive, biggest, best of all time voter turn out, TRUMP WINS.

Keep in mind, Trump, et al want a disruptive election. They want to claim voter tampering by "whoever" if the election is close so they can nullify it.

Trump can win. Polls will be purposely misleading (remember the Boris Johnson election). News will be skewed. Fake news and websites will be everywhere. Lies and deceit will be rampant. Intimidation and voter purges abundant. 

There are few protests in the US. Is this apathy? If so, we're in trouble.

There can be no rest until the "forces of tyranny" are clearly and overwhelmingly defeated. Otherwise, Trump WILL win.