Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Pundits are trying to claim that the massive Democrat defeat in the mid-terms was a vote against the policies of president Obama. Not so!

The defeat was a rebuke of the Democratic Party's failure to do what they were elected to do in 2008. Instead of helping small businesses and the average person, they sided with big business and gave them $billions. Then, when homes were being taken, they did basically nothing to help the homeowner. Did they do anything to create more jobs? Not really. Did they free us from the drain that health care causes and create a truly worry free health care system? No. Did they really stand up to big business and the banks? No, what they passed has so many loopholes they were hardly worth passing. Did they stand up and say no to tax breaks for the rich? No. Did they pass envirnmental protection legislation dealing with climate change? No. Did they refuse to take campaign contributions from big corporations in 2010? Mostly not.

If the Democrats stuck to their principles and were true to their beliefs, they just might have had a great victory. When it became clear that the Republicans did not want to compromise and work with them, they should have had the courage to vote for what they claimed they stood for. In truth, people did vote vote against the Obama policies, rather, they voted against ineffective politicians who were afraid to do what we thought they were elected to do. In most cases, it wasn't pro Tea Party or pro Republican votes, it was anti-ineffectivness votes.

The Democratic Party let us all done and they paid the price for their lack of courage to make the changes they promised. A nation does not shift from supporting Obama and then two years later flip to Tea Party ideas. We are not that politically fickle. We are a people of 'imediate gratification.' We want it now. If you say that you will do something and you do not deliver, we will not support you. So dear Republicans, do not put too much into your victory and do not think that it clears the way for 2012. Although it might have something to do with 2012, but that is another story!


Jean Rodenbough said...

Possibly some truth in this analysis. I think the reasons are even more complex and we haven't had the distance yet to put the right perspective on this situation. I think fear was a driving force among the voters who failed to support Democratic candidates, as well as mis-directed anger. But eventually this will get sorted out -- and I think corruption of various sorts will also be in the picture.

Unknown said...

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