Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Most have assuredly seen this headline:

"Seoul, South Korea (CNN) -- In a sharp escalation of hostility along their disputed sea border, North Korean and South Korean forces traded fire Tuesday, a deadly skirmish that jacked up diplomatic tensions in a volatile region."

I am not a "hawk" by any stretch, but North Korea needs a reality check!

They have repeatedly snubbed their nose at the world and the UN. Their recent lies about not have a Uranium enrichment facility and now the shelling of a S. Korean island should be a clear signal that the North has no intention of living with its neighbors peacefully. Many analysts claim that the North does these things to get people to pay them attention. The notion being that nay attention, positive or negative, works for them.

All of this may be fine as long as they are playing and taunting with little sticks. But clearly, their intention is to have nuclear weapons. Then they will have a really big stick. What happens if they want attention then?

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