Saturday, December 13, 2008


When you think of essayists names like Paine, Thoreau, Emerson or Elliot might come to mind. But in the 21st Century, the bloggers are the new essayists. Never before have so many been allowed to reach so many with new ideas, personal thoughts and commentaries on society. From supporting great human rights causes to exposing corruption, raising political awareness, providing alternative news, championing health issues or just being plainly anecdotal, bloggers are the new conscience of society.

In my new book, WHAT'S WRONG WITH US ANYWAY? COMMENTARIES ON A TROUBLED WORLD, I have compiled my blogs into major topics including: Politics, Religion and Spirituality, The Environment, The Economy, Society and Health containing over 60 blogs, essays, on my views of events in the world over the past year. In a sense, these essays are "blog-shots" of the world. The book, published by ALL THINGS THAT MATTER PRESS, is on Amazon and is also available as a Kindle Edition and E-Book. Hard copy can be ordered at this url:

All Things That Matter Press will soon be publishing the collected blogs of Marvin Wilson, from his FREE SPIRIT blog site. Bloggers are welcome to submit a query to and you can visit

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to reading your anthology, Phil. in my Free Spirit Blog anthology, "Between the Storm and the Rainbow," I wrote a Foreword that makes the same reference to 21st century bloggers being the "modern day essayists." Like minds think alike! (smile)