Monday, July 18, 2011


I don't mean in a religious sense. But clearly, something is fading away. Call it soul, spirit, heart, ideals, self....We are adrift and no none seems capable of finding a course. Politics is in chaos. The economy is a joke. Education just isn't. Help thy neighbor is a dirty phrase. We are destroying the environment, caving in on stupid political and economic demands, and Wall Street rules.

The latest deficit plan by the Tea Party simply pushes ahead their social agenda as it will result in the elimination of help for anyone. Requiring a balanced federal budget is absurd when times of crisis arise and, as always, it will be the average person that gets screwed if money needs to be spent on something-like war. We are gutting financial and environmental regulation because it might hurt the rich. We are even going to allow the polar caps to melt because there is lots of oil there. Is this what America has been all about? Step on the small guy so the few can attain even greater wealth and power?

It makes no sense, people. The decisions we are permitting to be made will be our swan song. This is truly the last dance. The orchestra has left the hall and we are still on the floor spinning to memories. How have we reached this level where we are but simple prey of advertising propaganda, political idiocy and news manipulation? So many have warned us of this moment and so few have listened.

I do not believe in religious Armageddon. But I do believe that the likes of the Mayans, Nostradamus, The Tarot Code, the Hopi,DaVinci and others gave us clear signs of the times we are now in. The choices we are making, either consciously or by proxy,will not be pleasant. Keep in mind, what is happening right now, in politics, the economy, the climate, etc., is the fruition of seeds that WE have planted. I hope you are concerned over what the next crop will bring.

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