Sunday, March 6, 2011



Enough already!

Somewhere along the line you’ve lost touch with the reality most of us live with and you’ve decided that what is good for you, must benefit us. It doesn’t.

Since you obviously don’t know where I’m coming from or what I’d like see, let me tell you.

1. No one else in the middle-class world (that is rapidly ceasing to exist) gets to vote themselves a pay raise. Neither should you. In my humble opinion, you haven’t done anything to deserve one for a very long time.

2. You also don’t deserve a special retirement plan. Get on Social Security like the rest of us and good luck surviving on it in the fashion you’ve grown accustomed to.

3. All American citizens should have health care for medical necessities based on their incomes. If this means a national health insurance, so be it. But, health insurance should not be a “for profit” business, particularly when insurance companies often deny or limit care based on the determination of individuals unqualified to do so, or because of their pre-determined profit margins. Don’t tell me it doesn’t happen. I know it does. So do most of your constituents.

4. About the budget…I suggest you have it reviewed by a single mother struggling to make ends meet on minimum wage. Anyone of them can show you how to cut out what’s unnecessary, including, but not limited to: committees that don’t benefit anyone but the committee members serving on them, pay raises you’ve voted for yourselves (again), grants for research that benefits only the people doing the research. The list goes on, but those are a few examples.
In the real world, you see, people get paid for providing a task or service that others need, not because of who they know.
For those of my friends who aren’t aware of the list of government agencies that are actually out there, that your tax dollars support, take a look at the following:
In my opinion, many of these agencies are redundant.

5. If you have to cut programs (and you do), DON’T make one of them education for our children. That’s about the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of, and I’ve heard some doozies from you over the years.

6. I have no clue why you lease our off-shore oil rights to private companies that in turn charge American citizens an arm and a leg for the processed oil we need for heating, electricity and vehicle fuel. Actually, I have a clue, but I hate to believe that it somehow benefits the politicians who approve such inanity at a cost to American citizens. And, I have no idea of why when those foreign companies are responsible for damage to the lives and property of our citizens the government doesn’t suspend those leases until the damages are paid. By the way, where does the money from those leases go?

7. I think bailing out lending companies was a huge mistake. I would rather have seen you provide that money to the home owners who had lost their jobs and needed money to pay the mortgages for a few months until they found new ones. Instead, many of those tax payers lost their homes, and the lending companies have been left holding property they can’t sell in a struggling market. Not to mention the fact that their executives STILL received year-end bonuses.

That’s only the beginning of my list of suggestions and complaints, but those are among my most serious concerns. They’ve been building for quite some time.

I’m upset about the way things are going. Everyone I know is upset about the way our country is headed. Most people suffer in silence, apparently believing our politicians really care about us. I don’t anymore. I think you are mistaking our silence for approval. It’s not!

I don’t want to have to see protests or any form of violence as a result of the frustration of the masses, but I’m afraid that if too many people get overwhelmed that’s exactly what will happen in the United States.

I urge all of my friends to contact Senators and Congressmen/women and share their opinions directly with you, and, not just the ones from their own states and districts, but to all of you so that you will take us seriously.

Marie Pacha

To my friends:
The websites below provide email addresses for most, if not all, Senators and Congressmen. We can sit back and continue to voice our concerns to one another or we can present them to the individuals who are responsible and can do something about them.

If you have complaints other than those I have mentioned, add them to your list and SEND them to as many of these politicians as you can. There are also email addresses readily available for the President and Vice-President.



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Ken Weene said...

Your frustration come across strong and loud. Might I suggest that you add some ire towards those who think corporations are persons or could have have moral values.

Also, please say something about the people who think that the best method is to keep Washington in deadlock by not giving either party clear power. This means that there is no meaningful opposition.