Sunday, May 15, 2011


Okay, maybe genocide is too strong of a word to use but you have to wonder. In Maine, LaPage has managed, in a day or two, to change the Health Care law. In essence, 28,000 mostly elderly and handicapped will no longer be eligible for Medicaid. Nationally, the Tea Party and other more conservative Republicans are on a vendetta against the elderly and the poor, promising to not approve deficit increases unless Medicare and medicaid are altered and funding reduced.

The bottom line, in my opinion, is that these people are trying to throw away, discard the elderly and lower income Americans. Many of these same people took America out from WW II to create a nation with the highest standard of living on the planet. They worked their asses off for America. Clearly, when these people bought insurance and paid their SS and health care, insurance companies and the government knew that one day these folks would retire and be in need of health care. They all took the money, but now they don't want to pay. We have placed Profit over caring, concern for the dollar over the integrity of human life.

This in not my America. We do not 'omit' whole segments of society so that insurance companies, oil companies and the rich can make more profit while the rest of the country languishes as they choose between food or medicine. We are engaged in the wrong debate. We should be talking about how we can ensure that all Americans live a life with dignity, free of concern over food, shelter and health. Why should only the politicians and the rich live the carefree life at the expense of those who have worked the factories, hauled the trash, built the roads, taught our kids and fought our wars. If this nation claims to be christian, you have fooled me. You want to steal the widows purses and then talk about free enterprise. Give me a break. Decisions we have made are already coming back to bite us in the but. If we decide to lose our humanity, I wonder what consequence that will bring!

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ellquist said...

These people cannot know what it is that they do, this is not a zero sum game, if I win, it does not mean that you lose. We are not seperate. We are all part of the same thing. Every atom, every molecule, every erg of energy is a part of the universe, the Body of God. When an "individual" expresses greed, he does himself a mischief, and damages all. Conversely, when one behaves in a Godly manner, realising his holistic nature in a nurturing, loving activity, it raises the vibe of the whole. We are a learning organism, and we learn by doing, observing, and being aware of the results.

Many of these self righteous so called "conservatives" believe that they are practicing tough love in denying help to those that they perceive to have acted in error, that they may help them to act correctly at some future juncture, Yet to paraphrase their bible, "God causes the sun to shine on both the just and the unjust."

In any event, we all reap what we sow, and hopefully learn from it.