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Doomsday? Armageddon? The End of the World?

5.0 out of 5 stars December 21, 2012. Doomsday? Armageddon? The End of the World? Or ... the Dawn of Humanity's Enlightenment?, May 17, 2011
Marvin D. Wilson (Ann Arbor, Michigan) - See all my reviews

This review is from: Waking God Book III: The Second Coming of Humanity (Kindle Edition)

The last book in an epic trilogy, with a heavenly-high bar already established by books one and two, "Waking God Book III: The Second Coming of Humanity" does not disappoint--in fact, it yanks the bar off its stanchions and hurls it into the stratosphere. Eternal arch-enemies, Mantrella (aka `Lucifer,' `The Morning Star,' and `Christ,'--yes, you read that last one correctly) and Michael come angelically and mightily head-to-head and wing-to-wing in the battle for the future of earth and the fate of the human beings that inhabit it. In this gripping and status-quo-challenging trilogy, Lucifer is not your enemy, and angels are not your friends.

"Is it not written in your law, I said, ye are gods?"

That quote of Jesus, taken from the New Testament, is repeated thematically throughout "The Second Coming." Because, and this is where `traditional' `Christians' and the organized church will shout, "Heresy!" and, "Burn the authors at the stake!"--Adam, who was `put into a deep sleep,' is about to awaken. The `dream,' all that we know--the Buddhists call it "Samsara"--the illusion of our reality, created by us all with our thoughts as part of Adam's dream, is about to come to an end. If Adam awakes, humanity is reunited with the godhead and, returns to its birthright--as gods, higher than the angels.

Michael doesn't like that idea. One bit. He uses all his power, magic, and influence to stop it. Mantrella is using all his power, magic and influence, to thwart Michael and facilitate the rise to godhood that is humanity's birthright. He knows the complete DNA--including the `god' seed--can be `reborn' in a divine child if he can successfully have main characters, Andrew and Mara, mate ... they both carrying each other's latent half of the necessary seed that activates upon conception. If that happens, "The Fall" of mankind is reversed, man is returned to the Garden, and Adam awakens as the whole god-being you and I and He, were originally created to be by the I Am That I Am.

A supernatural, spiritual/inspirational suspense thriller, "The Second Coming of Humanity" is loaded with twists and turns, highly developed and multi-faceted, fantastic characters from all levels being and non-being, and has an ending that ... no, I can't spoil it for you. You must find out, understand, and manifest the ending, for yourself.

Authors Phil Harris and Brian Doe spin this tale with crisp, compelling, no frills and gutsy prose, along with poetic and deep passages that transport you to other-worldly realms--then smacks you right back dab in the middle of `reality'--or is it? In the end, it is up to you, to us, to awaken and create our own reality. The book gets to you. It pervades and inundates you. And it makes you, as you compulsively turn each of the final pages, wonder ... just who you--and we--really are, for god's sake?

- Marvin D Wilson, author of "Beware the Devil's Hug," "Owen Fiddler," and "I Romanced the Stone (Memoirs of a Recovering Hippie)"

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