Monday, November 16, 2015

ISIS Prediction

I believe that ISIS/ISIL may well have radicalized itself out of existence. The clock is ticking.

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It is my prediction that France, with help from the U.S., Britain, Russia and others will conduct a air/ground assault on all ISIS strongholds. Russia will help with the deal that the coalition will not use this effort as an opportunity to remove Assad, and will, in fact, leave his fate in the hands of Russia. I wouldn't be surprised if the coalition effort also included coordinated attacks on sites in Africa, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Increased airstrikes will occur to "soften" targets, but knowing that any real defeat must include feet on the ground, ISIS has crossed a line that will make that happen. Iran and the Saudis will be heavily involved and the ISIS held thought that that there will be a surge of Muslim support for them will be revealed for the illusion that it is.

The clock is ticking against this band of sadistic murderers. While it will take time to organize, time is running out for ISIS.Image result for isis

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