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I have had the opportunity to interview, Dyan Garris, author of the new book, MONEY AND MANIFESTING. Given my recent blog on TIPS FOR THE RECESSION, the timing of this interview is perfect and the timing of the book is perfect. There is no lack of money, all you need to do is to manifest money in your life and the word recession will be a bad dream. read the interview, then buy and read the book!

1.Many critics of The Secret argue that focusing on the accumulation of wealth is a poor use of the Law of Attraction. While I disagree with this, why have you decided to make this at least one focus of your work?
The focus on the accumulation of “wealth,” which here we will define as “money” (because there are different types of “wealth”), is not in and of itself a poor use of the Law of Attraction. The problem is that having the focus there is focusing on attracting from a place of ego. Ego is not the place from which we manifest anything. So, we may be able to attract; but that isn’t really manifesting. One of the problems is that by having the focus there we are creating from a place of limitation, and/or within an existing framework, belief system or pattern, while one is trying to do exactly the opposite. I call this “negative manifesting.”

2.Do you unblock the energy flow of money or do you unblock energy that allows the flow of money?

This is a good question, Phil. The answer really is both. The energy flow of money is often blocked by the blockage of the energy that allows for the flow of money.

3.When you say “transform energy,” what exactly do you mean?

Everything is energy. Money is energy. It’s a form of exchange. The representation of that is “paper.” The paper itself has no real power. But the energy of money does because we believe it does. Our belief system fuels the energy of money. We firmly believe that money has power.

Here is a basic example of transforming energy: Let’s say we take a raw egg. It’s an egg. Whether we scramble or fry it or boil it, it’s still an egg; but its form has changed. The energy of it has changed. So it is still an egg, but now it vibrates differently than it did as a raw egg. There are a lot of things you can do with a hard boiled egg that you cannot do with a raw egg.

Taking this a bit further, if we add a raw egg to a cake batter and then bake the cake, the energy of the egg, which is still an egg, transforms into something that makes the cake rise. By doing something different with the raw material we have basically transformed the energy of it.

So if we’re talking about transforming the energy of money, it’s about really understanding at a basic level what money really is and then transforming that base energy into something you can use in a different way.

4.Is it a question of “learning to manifest,” or controlling what we manifest? According to the law of Attraction, we manifest everything in our life either consciously or unconsciously. So isn’t it really a matter of taking conscious responsibility and control of what we do every day?

Manifesting is a process. Utilizing the truths of the laws of attraction is one step in the process of manifesting. Form definitely follows thought. Our thoughts have power. And we can control our thoughts, and therefore ostensibly control what we manifest. So, yes, we need to take conscious responsibility of our everyday thoughts and actions. However, the energy of creation lies in another part of our body and that part of our body is the root, not the mind. So, in learning to manifest, one learns to connect the thoughts with the energy that rises up from the root, thus taking conscious responsibility of what we manifest and intend to create.

5.When you use the term “voice of the angels,” what do you mean? Is this in a religious context or a metaphor for spiritual guides?

It is neither. Angels cross all religious boundaries. Angels are bringers of information and messages. “Voice of the Angels” began as the title of my deck of angel cards, journal, and companion CD. Each card has a message from angels in quatrain verse. They are the “voice” in Voice of the Angels. They brought forth messages of comfort and angelic guidance and continue to do so through the music , meditations, and my entire body of work.

6.Please define clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient.

We were not dropped off on the planet without ability to communicate with Creator, Source, angels, guides, or other disincarnate beings. Even if you don’t believe in a supreme being, we were still all given the ability to communicate. We all have intuitive ability. Lately as the veil thins between our world and the other realms, people continue to awaken to and accept the truth of who they really are. That is spirit in a physical vehicle, with the ability to naturally intuit.

Then we began to have a lot of people who started calling themselves “psychic” or “clairvoyant.” True clairvoyance means the ability to predict, to see into the future, usually without the aid of a bridge tool such as tarot cards or crystal balls or the like. And that “seeing” usually is in pictures or images. It is more than a “knowing” or a hearing of voices. If one understands time as multi-dimensional, rather than the linear concept of time that we have come to accept as reality for convenience sake, seeing into the “future” really isn’t so strange.

Clairsentient can be defined as an intuitive sense of “knowing.” Clairaudience is the ability to “hear” frequencies that other people aren’t usually tuned into. In other words, we are not all tuned into the same radio station. All of these gifts function similar to a radio. First one must turn the radio on; and then in order to “get” anything clearly, one must then tune in to a particular frequency.

7.What is a voice recognition psychic and how does this work?

Everything is energy. Every name and every number has a vibration and a sound vibration that equates to a particular unique frequency. When a name is said aloud, and together with a number - a birthdate, for example - that works like a personal unique key to that particular individual. A voice recognition psychic is simply someone who can recognize or “know” that person’s energy from the combination of the sound vibrations of their name, number and voice.

You can have two people named John Smith with the same birthdate, but the energy of their voice is very different and unique to them. You can have someone with a nom de plume, or even someone that gives you a fake name, and the minute they start talking I can tell that is not their given name. But the intrinsic vibration of their spirit is the same.

So, the name or number isn’t really that important. Most times I don’t need a last name or even a number really. I can usually tune in on someone’s energy just by hearing the voice and whatever they say their name is. It’s a sound vibration and frequency that connects the energy of a person with who they really are.

8.Can you read into a person’s written word as well? I will open myself up here to scrutiny so what sense might you be getting of me from these questions? I will print what you say!

Everything is energy including the written word, and so the written word also carries with it the energy of the person who wrote the words. You aren’t asking me for a reading, are you Phil? I’m smiling.

There is something I didn’t mention in question #6 about psychics and clairvoyants. Most “psychics” or “intuitives” or even empaths can read energy that already exists and therefore can tell you what has already happened or things that you already know. But they can’t tell you what’s going to happen because that isn’t where they’re looking. That isn’t where they’re putting their focus. It is relatively easy to read energy that already exists here already or that has existed.

Clairvoyance is forward moving energy and can read energy that perhaps to others doesn’t seem to exist. It does exist somewhere, but isn’t here yet. It just depends upon where you are looking in “time.” I just have the ability to bring that information back here. It’s what is normal, rather than paranormal, to me.

It never made much sense to me to tell people things they already know. This would perhaps make us both feel good in terms of you being able to think that I might actually know something, and verify that I am right about certain already existing facts. To me this serves no real purpose. My point is that I could tell you a lot of things you already know, but why? It wastes both our energy. You already know what you know about yourself. And there are perhaps a lot of things I could tell you about what I sense about you that someone could say I looked up somewhere, or surmised in some manner. Or, these things might sound very general. I like to be specific.

Therefore, I will tell you something you don’t already know and you can give me confirmation when it occurs. Spirit says that in June or July of 2008 you will have slight injury, sprain, twisting or similar to your left knee. Now, the common response to that usually is, “I don’t have anything wrong with my knee, “or “I had something wrong with my knee last year.” People have gotten very used to psychics telling them what already is or what has already happened. Clairvoyance is telling what has not yet occurred.

9. What is a channeled message for those who do not understand the concept? Who gives you the message and to what extent do you feel that your own thoughts and ideas intermingle with those messages?

I am simply just a bringer of information. The “Daily Channeled Message” on my site is information that I am asked to bring forth. I do not channel ascended masters and guides. I do not believe in the illusion of separation. I am channeling “source.” I’m tapping into a universal grid. I receive the theme of what I am to write about for the day while I am in prayer and meditation, and it is my choice as to form of delivery. I try to write it in terms that everyone can relate to in some way and apply in their daily life. My own thoughts and ideas don’t really have anything to do with the channeled message, but certainly my writing style or style of delivery does. Sometimes I do have my own ideas about what I think I’m going to address for the day or what I want to address, and I sit down to write it and out comes something entirely different.

10.What role does music play in achieving a higher state of awareness? Do you feel that popular music, in general, helps or hinders this process? Are there certain types of music, vibrations, that you feel enhance the awakening process?

Music is sound vibration and frequency. Music has the ability to help someone quiet their inner chatter, and therefore reach a relaxed state of being and through that a higher state of awareness. Everyone resonates to and feels resonant with a certain rhythm or beat. Popular music can make some people feel frenetic while at the same time helping another person to relax. It’s a matter of personal vibration, beat, frequency. All types of music have the ability to enhance the awakening process. It’s simply a matter of what one feels resonant to. Any music that relaxes a person can have an effect on the person’s ability to focus on whatever it is they need to focus on for their personal awakening process.

11.In your opinion, what are the basic steps in consciously manifesting your higher desires?

This is a very interesting question because when we’re defining “higher desires” we would be talking about desires that don’t have anything to do with what the ego thinks it wants, needs, and desires. The two really are disparate. To manifest higher desires one would have to first align one’s own will with universal will and go from there. However, I think what you’re asking me is to outline the basic steps in manifesting. The very first thing to do is to understand everything, including money, as energy. Then one needs to examine one’s learned belief systems and patterns about whatever it is they are trying to manifest to see if and where exactly they are blocking the flow of energy, and why. Then one needs to clear those limiting belief systems and open a pathway upon which energy can flow smoothly. Then one needs to connect up the energy and power of creation with the energy and power present in all of the other energy centers and integrate it as truth. Then you simply let go. Letting go is a necessary step in manifesting anything. In general, those are the basic steps.

12.Why the use of cards and what role does visual stimulation play in the awakening process?
The first goal in the awakening process is to quiet the chatter of the conscious mind to be able to begin to connect with inner guidance or higher guidance. If you’ve got a microwave, vacuum cleaner, television, radio, and ten cell phone conversations all going on at the same time, it’s hard to hear much of anything except noise. Cards can help in that way by providing an initial basis for centering, grounding, and, most importantly, focus. Visual stimulation plays a big part in this process, by stimulating different parts of the brain and also by activating things on an emotional level. So you could have a person that has read something over and over again and doesn’t understand it; but show the same person a picture or image and all of a sudden it triggers something inside them and they are then able to have complete understanding.

13.As you view your compiled messages, what major themes seem to be playing out in human consciousness?

“The Book of Daily Channeled Messages” is a compilation of messages from angels that I put together last year. I definitely see some major themes. One of these themes that translates very clearly and that is playing out in human consciousness is love. Love is what we need to remember. All of our earthly dramas give us opportunities to remember love. There is absolutely no power in fear. The power is in the love.

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