Thursday, October 10, 2013

Who Benefits From the Chaos in Washington?

"Who benefits" has become my favorite question. Who benefits from the government shutdown? Who would benefit from not raising the debt ceiling? Who benefits from not compromising? Who benefits from the farce we call Congress?

We know that the right/Tea Party has gambled that they could blame the funding crisis on Obama. We also know that more moderate Republicans went for the ride until they began to see the ship sink and public opinion turn against them. We know that the Democrats and the President have caved all to often and that they felt that if they didn't stand up, for once, that they would hurt their 2014 chances. But, is there a group that transcends this pettiness and gains no matter what happens?

While some vocal business interests have complained about this Beltway fiasco, one can't help but wonder why the monied interests are largely publicly silent. Yes, their henchmen, Tea Party, are quite vocal, but why would they support what could become economic chaos? Who benefits from such chaos? Who benefited from the 2008 Recession and is still making record profits? Who always comes out ahead when their are perceived economic problems? What is their real agenda? Who actually profits from negative conditions such as war, famine, disease, and economic collapse?

The decisions in Washington are not made by the politicians. Strings are being pulled and the puppeteer laughs all the way to the ....

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