Friday, January 28, 2011


On the one hand we keep hearing that the economy is getting better, while on the other hand we are told we are on the brink of disaster. Politicians and economists know that consumer perception is THE driving force. If consumers are worried they don't spend. It seems to me that lately, politicians have been trying to put a positive spin on what is a very negative situation. Basically, we are being lied to. One cannot help but think about the prophecies regarding 2012. Economies are collapsing. The environment is collapsing. Religion is collapsing and/or going mad.

Are the worst of the Nostradamus, Hopi, Mayan prophecies about to hit us in the face? While they all implied that we have a choice at to what the future may hold, has humanity chosen wisely? Is there no hope? Is there noting we can do?

Yes, there is.

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