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Astrology Predictions for 2011

If I were to tell you that if you get on Rte.1 in Florida and headed north that you would reach Maine, that would be an accurate prediction. But if I said that you WILL end up in Maine, that is more of a prophecy. Along the way, there are many intersections that enable you to alter direction and destination. Nostradamus knew this. He points out in his prophecies where we will end up if we stay on the same path we are on. The sad fact is that we HAVE stayed on that path. In December 2009 I issued the WAKING GOD PROPHECIES for 2010. You can revisit at the wakinggod1 blog at 

Despite all of the warnings, we seem intent to stay on the same road that stops at the edge of a cliff. So let's get a glimpse at what one astrologer sees for the coming year. 

Taken from:

Astrology Predictions for 2011 At a Glance
Social Interest
* Crowdfunding becomes an extremely popular avenue to raise money for artistic and other projects.
* Proliferation of non profit organizations will increase in 2011 and beyond.
* Going green tips the scale and becomes more than a trend; products become viable and sustainable alternative to traditional
* Global recognition and alarm over the planets water pollution and problems.
*Religion and spirituality expanding in countries that denied religious rights- scientist continue to find evidence of spiritual concepts thought to be superstition such as prayer as an effective measure to healing.
* Proliferation of Wine, beer, legal or medical marijuana selling by alternative storefronts such as websites.
* Electric and hybrid cars will get a huge boost, new technology will make electric
and hybrid cars a viable alternative to gas- By the time Uranus leaves Aries (2019)
gas powered cars will be in the minority.
* Breakthrough in affordability for personal robots
* Major leaks in personal medical data
* New technology and discoveries from the ocean- algae as fuel develops as a viable alternative
*Interactive TV channels explode education channels include college courses
* Inventions of new uses for personal robots and breakthrough in their affordability
* Job indicators have positive news employment opportunities increase mid April through the rest of the year
* Consumer spending increases significantly by mid year
* Travel industry recovery
* Continued contraction in large structured corporations who will continue to eliminate benefit packages.
* Restructuring of insurance companies and regulations.
* Defaults on student loans increase sharply.
* Major breakthroughs that continue in stem cell research and successful trials.
* Major breakthrough for head trauma victims; new rules for sports related head injuries.
* Alarming increase of aging population with brain disease, Alzheimer’s, cognitive failure that creates crises for elder care options.
* Major leaks in personal medical data
Real Estate
* Final purging of significant number of bad debts and mortgage defaults late March/April
* The bottom of the real estate market will be over by mid 2011.
* Home shows will continue to be popular and expand on TV and other media.
* Department of defense expands into new and uncharted territory; redefinition of how to win and wage a war.
* News leaks of secret development of a weapons utilizing cutting edge technology.
* Polarization of role of government – governments who can no longer pay for promises of benefits will crumble. This will be a long influence lasting throughout the time Pluto travels through Capricorn.

Choices and more choices is the theme we must take to heart for "it is a wise man who rules the starts, and a fool that is ruled by them, "

Soon, Book III of the WAKING GOD TRILOGY will be released-THE SECOND COMING OF HUMANITY. Books I and II are being re-released in January and February. Perhaps you might want to see what they have to say as they spell the consequences of the path we are now how and explains the choices it would be wise to make. This is the new cover for Book I from ALL THINGS THAT MATTER PRESS.

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