Wednesday, January 22, 2014

"Spooky action up close?"

It has been speculated that quantum actions only occur at the ... quantum level, i.e. very small sub-atomic level. However, there have been recent experiments that have demonstrated that the so called 'spooky actions' do occur at the observable level. Recent discoveries in astronomy have shown that planets are actually geomagnetically connected to the sun, and now science has revealed "for the first time part of the network of filaments thought to connect galaxies in a cosmic web." Read more at: And then we see this:
Is it possible that while we observe quantum action at the sub-atomic level and that maybe the cosmic web and geomagnetic connections are showing us such actions at the macro-level, that we simply don't have the tools, yet, to observe the actions 'up close' at the everyday level? As observer, is it possible that we have a hard time focusing on ourselves, that we just can't take a good 'selfie' to observe connections in what we think is reality? We are seeing entanglements at the micro, now the macro ... is the middle far behind?

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