Wednesday, February 27, 2013



In our current reality, every strong thought creates an opposite thought. This is duality. If I write peace, your mind will also think of war; right will give rise to left, or wrong; good .... In an NPR report they said that over the next few years there could be some 10,000 drones in use over the U.S. The FAA is generating rules to allow for their use of air space and many police departments are attempting to bring them into use. After all, surveillance drones only cost a few hundred dollars.

There are some very positive uses for drones. They can scope out forest fires and help firefighters. How about searching for lost hikers, children, or even fugitives? They are certainly cheaper to use for land surveys or even storm damage assessment. But, we have all seen the futuristic movies or read the dystopian books where drones are used to spy on the people and to keep them in check. You know, Big Brother is watching.

My guess is that their use domestically is inevitable. The key will be the constraints placed on their use by local officials, the courts, and you. Given an opportunity, make your opinion know, as silence will only result in uses that will come back to haunt. Don't let the eye in the sky be an eye on you!

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Deborah said...

I vote to restrict drones to rescue lost or injured people and trapped animals - unfortunately drones will be used to control citizens..