Thursday, October 6, 2011


Alien buffs have probably been watching the History Channel's series, Ancient Aliens. This year has brought a slate of interesting shows including discussions of ancients weapons and the relationship of aliens to the America's Founding Fathers. What is interesting is the way the show never says that x,y, or z is true. What they is, "Is it possible that...."

My question is this, "Is it possible that these shows are running because 'someone's trying to tell the public that the aliens are returning soon?" Is it possible that someone is trying to get the public accustomed to this idea; that aliens have been here before and that that are coming back so as to avoid or reduce panic?

Erich von Daniken's books would indicate 'it may be possible' that the aliens are due back in 2012. Tom Averna (The Once and Future Wizard) says they never really left. But you have to wonder. When you begin to see a lot of hype on TV about a topic "Is it possible that" some story may soon become a reality? Something to ponder!

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