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We often feel that we are at the mercy of 'bigness.' Big government, big problems, big bookstores, big publishers, etc seem to control every aspect of our lives. But you know what, they are all 'memes,' things we believe that are not really true. It is time to overcome our feelings of helplessness and discover that WE are in control of our lives. Read OVERCOMERS, INC and find out how!

Book Introduction from publisher, Lynne Klippel

At one point in my life it seemed like everywhere I looked, I saw tragedy. My brother, both of my parents, and a dear friend were all battling cancer at the same time. Other friends were losing jobs and fearful about the prospects of finding new work. The evening news was full of financial scandals, plant closings, kidnappings, and war.
As I sat in the sun on my front porch in March 2009, I wished I had a book to send to my brother to read during his chemotherapy treatments - something to remind him that he was not alone and to encourage him to fight for his life. I wanted a book that could give him hope, inspiration, and encouragement on every page.
Due to a series of miracles, the book you are now reading is my wish come true. In a very short time a team of wonderful people came together to create this book with just one purpose: to encourage you, the reader, to overcome whatever obstacles are lying in your path to happiness.
As you read the stories in this book, you will find real life tales of remarkable courage, strength, and perseverance. You will be inspired, entertained, and uplifted. Some of the stories will make you laugh. Some of them will make you cry. All of them will make you proud of the power of the human spirit.
You will find this a book of diversity. There are many authors, from many walks of life. However, they all share a common bond. They triumphed over tragedy and gleaned wisdom in this process. While this is not a religious book, there are stories full of faith, of many kinds and flavors. It is funny how in your darkest times, faith often becomes your brightest light.
All of the contributors to this book want to encourage you to hold tight to your belief that a better day will come. It is their sincere desire to pass along what they’ve learned through their own trials, to make your journey easier.
I hope that you wear this book out by highlighting meaningful passages and bending down the corners of the pages you want to read over and over again. There is true wisdom in these pages that can help you feel strong, brave, and hopeful.
May you be blessed by this book and inspired to overcome!

Lynne Klippel
St. Peters, Missouri
September, 2009

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Dreams Come True
It has been an amazing journey. Stepping out from this place of belief has resulted in success for me – and for so many college students – with much more to come. The feedback I receive from students, parents, and deans is abundantly gratifying. I am a guest speaker, a mentor and a coach. I belong to mastermind groups that help keep me inspired and in top form. And I am living well with my muscle disorder, which is pretty much undetectable to those around me at this point.
To top it off, I came home one day to a message from an editor who wanted to know whether my book was still available to be published! (It’s coming out in 2010!)
Had I not experienced my challenging medical year, I never would have allowed myself to realize my dream. Misfortune can actually lead us to a place of joy we wouldn’t otherwise know. Whatever challenge you face, I hope you will allow yourself to recognize a meaningful opportunity that may arise as a result. Play soothing music, light a candle, mentally exhale, and listen to your heart. You will be delighted by what you hear.

Create a Magical Life: Tap into Your Soul’s Intention of Abundance
Catherine Newton
Holding Onto That Rock Solid Faith

As I felt my marriage falling apart I knew I needed my magic wand more than ever. In my mind I would picture the fairy dust pouring onto me, protecting and guiding me. I held on to a rock solid faith that everything would be okay. I felt fully supported by the Universe and I knew everything was happening for a greater reason.
But have you ever tried hanging on to that trust when your castle is being crumbled? Boy, it’s challenging, to say the least, but hang on I did! There was a voice inside me that kept telling me all would be well. My job was simply to trust and let my destiny and Universe do their job.
With my marriage over and my dignity intact, I knew that every minute of trusting had been worth it. But just how worth it only Tinker Bell could have guessed! My life was about to unfold in the most miraculous way...
Table of Contents
Overcomers, Inc., Inspiring Stories of Hope, Courage and Inspiration

Section 1- Hope
•When Tough Times Hit, There Is Always HOPE!- Mary Hayes-Bridges
•Coincidence is God's Way of Remaining Anonymous- Martha Lee Bohn
•One Size Does Not Fit All- Nancie Benson
•Second Chances- Kathleen Gage
•Listen to What Your Heart Already Knows- Lauren Salamone
•When All Else Fails, There is Magic- Steven Rotz
•When Grace Comes to Get You- Barbara McCollough
•My Crazy, Beautiful Life Makeover- Karen Keeney
•Finding My Purpose Through Adversity and Practical Experience- Nachhi Randhawa
•The Weed That Broke Through the Sidewalk- Marifran Korb
•Decide and Go Seek: Overcoming Life’s Chronic Little Challenges to Let Your Purpose Shine Through- Julio Blanco
•I Am Experiencing "N.O.W." – (New Omnipotent Ways) Susan Hampton
•Getting Older (and Over!) The "Not Enough" Syndrome- Marlene Oulton
•Create A Magical Life: Tap Into Your Soul's Intention of Abundance – Catherine Newton

Section 2- Courage
•The Awesome Power of Optimism: A Personal Journey to HOPE- Frances Thomas
•Saying Good-bye to a Business I Loved -Christine Kloser
•Surrender To The Moment- Holly Eburne
•How Big Is Your Tent? One Man's Quest to Find the Answer for More, More, More- Joshua Aragon
•Calling of the Heart -Nelie Johnson
•Remember to Stop and Just Breathe- Colleen Bain
•The Call to Trust and Believe in Healing Love- Lalei E. Gutierrez
•How the Airline Safety Speech Saved My Life- Amelie Chance
•When Your Intuition Calls, Answer the Phone!- Rev. Rita “MeKila” Herring
•The Waiting Room Miracle- Lynne Klippel
•Willy Loman, I Am Not!- Kimberly Martin
•The Dance of The Sacred Sensual Me- Leela Francis
•140 Boxes…. More Than a Ton of Ancient History -Virginia Fischer
•Are You Credit Worthy?- Nancy Cotter

Section 3- Inspiration
•When the Rain Falls- Paula Morand
•Growing Up After Fifty: It's Never Too Late to Bloom- Tomar Levine
•How Do I Get Out Of Here?- Scott Cunningham
•A Time of Grief - A Time of Peace –Catherine Van Wetter
•Transformative Power of Intimacy- Philip Belzunce
•Forgiveness - The Key to Unlocking Your Prison- Corrine Ropp
•Starting Over: A Journey of Loss and Recovery- Margaret Sarkissian
•Awakening to Her True Self- Colleen Russell
•From Trauma To Triumph: One Woman's Empowering Journey From Fragmented Child to Conscious Entrepreneur- Charlon Bobo
•Let God Do the Driving- Jan Janzen

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