Wednesday, November 5, 2008


As a Republican, I voted for Barak Obama. I did not necessarily vote for all of his program ideas, but I did vote for his vision and his leadership. However, Americans must be aware of a looming danger with respect to the election. Americans suffer from the Messiah Complex.

This is not meant in a religious context, although it does apply there as well, but rather with respect to our growing trend to rely upon someone else to save us from our ‘selves.’ Americans have moved away from any sense of self-reliance to a state of total dependence concerning almost every facet of life. Since the Great Depression, people have sought the solutions to problems from the government. There is no question that in some areas this has been justified, but the growing reliance on Washington to meet every social, economic, environmental and societal need with a ‘program’ has diminished our freedom.

Freedom implies responsibility. To be free, you must accept the consequences of your choices and your actions. The eight years of the Bush Administration is evidence of what can be lost when the people fail to take responsibility for their lives, their country and their nation’s policies. Economic chaos, failed foreign policies, educational mayhem and climate degradation are but a few areas in which reliance on others have not served our best interests.

President Obama cannot solve all of your problems, nor should he. He will not save you from mass commercialism. He will not, as he said, turn your TV’s off and insist your child does school work. He will not turn off your lights to save energy. He will not demand that ‘you’ demand eco-friendly products. He will not buy your non-polluting detergents and cleaners. He will not make you stop using plastic sippy cups and baby bottles that are poisoning your children. He will not stop you from feeding your family junk foods that are turning our youth into ‘Generation ADD.’ He will not make you or your children exercise to burn off the pounds of excess fat. He will not mend broken relationships. He will not make you love your neighbor and treat others with respect and dignity.

People must come to understand that the solution to life’s most pressing issues come from within. On the one hand, Obama is the product of a seed that was planted by many who feel that the world is ready for a new vision; a vision that proclaims that we can live in balance and harmony with our selves and our environment. But Obama is just one plant that has come to fruition. This one plant cannot feed all of the masses. The vision that has slept within us all must now see the light of day if we are truly to create a new reality. The messiah within must rise from the ashes and declare that it is now ready, willing and able to take responsibility for the world in which we live. Do not lay it at the feet of Barak Obama. If you do, the worst of what has been foreseen for 2012 may well come to pass.
With the election of 2008 we have been given an opportunity and, hopefully, it is an opportunity not lost on the general population. We, not Barak Obama, can show the world that we once again embrace the principles of our ‘founding fathers.’ We can take the lead is solving the issues of poverty, global warming, human degradation and economic slavery. It is we, The People, who must embrace Obama’s vision and make it a reality. Obama is the catalyst but he is not the savior. It is we, The People, who must do the saving and once again take the lead in making this a better world.


Anonymous said...

Excellent post. You would probably also agree with and enjoy my similar but totally different (smile) post on this subject at Free Spirit today. And the comments were incredible. Government is not the answer. We are.

Norsew Investments, LLC said...

Phil I agree with the notion that Obama certainly can't solve all of our problems. But isn't that what he campaigned on? Being the answer to any and everyone's problems? During the campaign he didn't meet a problem he couldn't solve with government!

What I find absolutely amazing is the woman on the now infamous video of being so happy now that Obama has been elected. She won't have to pay her mortgage and the new Political Jesus will now also put gas in her car!

I certainly don't believe that all Obamaniacs believe this, but I know that there are those out there that are still "dancing in the streets" that all their problems will now somehow magically be solved. Joe the plumber's money won't be enough!

Obama has never stated that the total sum of his new spending proposals won't even come close to being covered by raising the tax rates on the top 5% of earners. This is certainly a major issue. Will he, as Bill Clinton did, go back on his promise? Will he say "I tried as hard as I could to make the top 5%pay for all of this, but I just can't get it done. More of you will have to sacrifice now.

The final concern that so many have overlooked is that The Messiah has said that those that pay taxes...income or payroll social security taxes will get the richest Americans money. This says to me that even if you don't pay any income taxes, if you have a job, you will get other people's money. I think our "founding fathers" would outright object to such socialism and we all know it!

Thanks for the post and letting me rant and may God watch over our country!