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Dr. Capista is on a blog tour starting today, March 3rd. What is great about his book is that it represents how the Law of Attraction and spirituality are making headway into every aspect of our lives. Times are changing. What was considered fringe only a few short years ago is becoming mainstream. Buy his book from Amazon and add him to the growing list of bestselling authors that are helping to create a NEW EARTH!

Dr. Joe Capista is recognized for his unique approach to business, life and success. As the owner of one of the most successful dental practices in the United States, Dr. Joe Capista has an exceptional understanding of what it takes to create a successful business and a successful life while maintaining balance both personally and professionally to create Total Success.

Dr. Capista oversees operations for Williamsburg Dental, a multi-million dollar practice located in Broomall, Pennsylvania metropolitan area.

Williamsburg Dental has been serving clients for over 25 years and has an outstanding reputation for quality patient care. Dr. Capista and his entire team deliver the most advanced, proven dental treatments to their patients. Dr. Capista is The Cosmetic Dentist for the NBA Philadelphia 76ers Dance Team.

For over two decades, Dr. Capista has been on the leading edge of business trends including understanding what drives your team to perform at top level, what motivates a client and customer to do business with you and how to create a life most only dream of.

His unique approach to marketing a business is fast becoming a highly sought out strategy by numerous types and sizes of businesses. Joe combines a unique understanding of the workplace, personal development, implementation of effective systems, spirituality and overall balance and possibility into all he does.

He is highly recognized for his ability to teach clients how to maximize dollars for both Internal and External Marketing in order that they gain optimum results.

Dr. Capista has successfully incorporated overseeing operations for his business into being a highly requested speaker and trainer. A content driven, inspirational speaker, Joe makes audiences think and leaves them wanting more. His message is simple: be committed, do what you love, love what you do, live with passion, give back to your community, and create balance in all areas of your life to enjoy a life beyond your wildest dreams.

Dr. Capista presents to groups ranging from small business owners to CEOs of Fortune 100 corporations. His easygoing presentation style makes him an audience favorite.

Education and Professional Associations

Dr. Capista received his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology from LaSalle University and went on to earn his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) from Temple University School of Dentistry in 1976. He completed a general practice residency at Philadelphia General Hospital.

Dr. Capista is a respected authority on aesthetic dentistry and conducts seminars throughout the region on the latest cosmetic and restorative techniques. Dr. Capista has completed training at the renowned Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies.

He is a member of the American Dental Association; the Pennsylvania Dental Association, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) and the Chester/Delaware County Dental Association.

Overview of Services
Dr. Capista works with organizations and individuals to increase sales, align their organizational values, improve team morale, and increase sales and revenues. Dr. Capista teaches clients how to develop systems for sales calls and sales presentations that allow for higher acceptance rates, better customer relationships, higher efficiency, increased productivity, and maximizing marketing dollars, while creating overall organizational balance.

Programs that are currently available consist of half-day, full-day, in-house training, 30 – 90 minute keynote presentations and on line and teleconference sales training. Dr. Capista is available for private mentoring to select clients.

Dr. Capista has a unique and comfortable style for any size group. When your needs call for a memorable keynote presentation, Dr. Capista is the one to hire.

Popular Keynote Topics
You, Your Business and Success
An inspirational keynote presentation that explores your thoughts, actions and outcomes in creating the life you want.

The Million Dollar Letter
In this incredibly moving keynote presentation, Joe shares his most popular signature story about how contribution to others is at the core of our joy, happiness and well-being. Join Dr. Capista as he shares the journey he and his team took with Jackie, his most memorable patient. Learn what happened that took Jackie from a place of being a timid, fearful and shy to a woman who now shares her courage and joy with others.

The Success Triangle
A highly requested presentation that helps participants explore aspects of success that often go unchecked. Understand the correlation between an excellent product, your marketing and how you sell. One missed element can determine the difference between a mediocre business or a wildly successful enterprise.

Success and Spirituality
What Spiritually is and is not, and how it fits into having a successful life.

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