Friday, October 3, 2008

"Six Pack" Palin and THE DEBATE

Palin had a pretty good performance in her debate with Biden. But the operative word is "performance." When pressed, she answered very few questions with any sense of depth. It was obvious that she memorized answers to preconceived questions and that was going to be the answer, even it was not really the question. So if the term "Iraq" came up, this is what you should say, even if the response did not address the actual question. If the question is about the economy, this is what you say, regardless of the actual content of the question. She did this well, but it was obvious she lacked any depth of knowledge.

Palin's comment about having a "Joe Six Pack" in the White House bothers me. Aside from being a good role model for our youth, I do not really like the implication. Does she plan on solving problems over a beer? While many issues may have been solved this way regarding personal issues, I do not think it will work with foreign diplomats. It was also clear that she memorized a few names of foreign leaders because she said them so many times. I really hoped that questions would have been asked about Chavez, Brown, Rudd, Hue Jintao,or Velez and I am sure she would have said, "Huh?" While Palin was folksy she did not exude a sense of confidence. Her answer about how she would govern should McCain die was not at all encouraging. He put down about Biden's age, 65 was kind of interesting as Mccain is seven years older than Biden.

Biden obviously has depth of knowledge. Yes, he has been around a while and he should know what is going on and who the players are in the international scene. There were times when he sounded like a president. If something were to happen to Obama, I think Biden was convincing that he would know what to do. Palin would be a loose cannon if McCain's health failed.

Bottom line, while Palin would be fun to have over to your house for dinner, I do not believe that dinner should be served at the White House.


Anonymous said...

We're doomed no matter who wins this election. Oh Jeez, am I really sounding that negative? Sorry. I'm just really pissed off at the choices this election year. But then that's not new for me. I'm a guy who voted for Perot - last presidential vote I ever cast - not because I agreed with all he had to say, just because he had his own money and I knew he wasn't owned lock stock and barrel by lobbyists. He was his own man. I do vote on local and regional issues, anything above that, the politicians are such officious self-serving hypocrites I refuse to get behind them.

Ginger Simpson said...

I guess the debate was all in one's point of view. I thought Palin held her own against Biden, even made him a bit tongue-tied at times. I like that she doesn't use "senate speak."

Why is no one has qualms about putting Obama into the oval office with his lack of experience and unproven track record? The statement that Palin would be a loose cannon applies to Obama. He speaks of changes but after listening to him for months, I have no idea what changes he plans. I may not like some of them. *smile*

I agree with Marvin Wilson...this election is very scary no matter who wins. I was raised in a democratic household, but I don't vote party lines...I vote people and preparation for the job. I'm on the fence and I don't know which side to fall on, and that's shameful at this stage of the game. I wish I could be as sure as you that Obama and Biden are the way to go, but unfortunately my age and experience has shown that people are sheep who vote party lines no matter who's running. My friend used to say, "put a Republican logo on a dog turd and people will elect it." I
I just hope whoever wins can do something to dig us out of the mess we're in.


Philip Harris said...

I am a registered Republican and -gulp-voted for Bush. I do not vote party line either. I think Obama is the best of not the best choices. Obama does have specifics and so does McCain-they are on their web sites. I do not like McCain's take on health care, regulation and the economy. He has been a republican for a long time and I do think that given he is courting the far right, that tells you a lot about what he will do.
If McCain is elected he will face a Democrat House and Senate. Little will get done-not good. At least Obama has a vision and for better or worse, he will have a Congress on his side to actually DO something. If you cannot "Senate" speak, how effective will you be getting things done in Congress?