Wednesday, June 11, 2008


We have all heard of the growing phenomena on the internet called “social networking.” What may be new is the degree to which this networking is beginning to take on major societal issues. A new networking site has been created called, “HUMANITY ON TRIAL: COUNTDOWN TO 2012” ( The introduction says, “Is humanity worth preserving? By December 1st, 2012, this court will render its verdict.”

The network is organizing various groups including prosecuting and defense teams, witnesses and a jury. Early posts on the site are being made in the various forums on such topics as: Human Religions, Historical Evidence of War, Racism and Bigotry, The Environment, Human Redeeming Qualities, 2012, Prophecy and more. The network is currently discussing the various pros and cons regarding the continuation of the human species as the ranks of members begin to take on a global composition. In addition to posts from across the United States, members are weighing in from Australia, China, Iran, France, the UK, Latin America and Canada.

As the sides organize, it is expected that a mock trial will also will take place. What is unique is that the trial will occur on the internet radio. The creator of the networking site says that he will use his internet BlogTalkRadio show, “All Things That Matter” as the venue for the trial. Shows will be devoted to opening arguments and special segments for both the defense and prosecution. Listeners will be given the opportunity to cast their vote in a special poll that will be taken after the defense rests.

Citing the growing global crises regarding the environment, food, oil, politics and religions it is the intent of the trial to not only raise global awareness of these issues but to also offer possible solutions. Many are familiar with the various prophecies concerning the year 2012 and it is hoped that the trial will help people to decide if humanity does have or even should have a future on what CNN has termed, this “Planet in Peril.” It would appear that social networks are moving beyond making connections to addressing key issues facing the planet.

Despite one’s view on “doomsday” scenarios and the prophecies of the Mayans, the Hopi and even Nostradamus, there is little doubt that humanity is in crisis. Continuing updates on climate change, volatile political hot spots, the recent reports on the food crisis and the growing issues of inflation and oil production would indicate that the human race is at a crossroads and that decisions it makes now may well in fact determine its survival. The Humanity on Trial network, while presenting contrary opinions on our chances of survival agrees with one basic premise; time is running out.

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An INTERESTING PATTERN leading to 2013 - time periods between major Earth developments...

I’ve recently discovered a pattern that connects major Earth developments from the time the world formed 4.54 billion years ago to today. What is revealed is that the time period between each major development decreases at an exponential rate.

For example…
4.54 x 10^9 (4.54 billion) years ago, our world formed.
4.54 x 10^8 (454 million) years ago a primitive brain formed and there was a split between shark lineage and human lineage.
4.54 x 10^7 (45.4 million) years ago Eosimias (“dawn monkey”) emerged, creating a split between lower primates and humans.
4.54 x 10^6 (4.54 million) years ago Ardipithecus emerged and there was a split between chimpanzee lineage and human lineage.

The “countdown” is the exponents decreasing from 9 to 0; and if we take December 31, 2012 as the terminal date, then we just passed the“0”!

To see the full pattern, visit (to see sources, visit

(BTW: I got the information for the timeline by typing in the amount of years (ie. “4.5 million years“) into Google and using the returned results.)

Comments are greatly appreciated.
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P.S. Why is 4.54 billion such a significant number? Besides being the age of the EARTH in years, it also happens to be the amount of times your HEART will beat when you live to be 120 years old (use the average of 72 beats per minute). Interestingly, 120 years is the maximum lifespan people achieve today. The Bible even mentions 120 years as being the limit of human life… (Genesis 6:3)

P.P.S. I created a second “companion” website which uses 20-13 as a mnemonic for near-perfect vision (even better than 20-20!). Creating a vision statement is the first step in building a lasting world (consider Martin Luther King‘s vision, expressed in his famous “I have a dream“ speech about 45 years ago). The more perspectives, the better our world-wide-vision becomes. Visit to submit your vision.


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