Wednesday, May 7, 2014


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Today, we released the third National Climate Assessment report, by far the most comprehensive look ever at climate change impacts in the United States.
Based on four years of work by hundreds of experts from government, academia, corporations, and public-interest organizations, the Assessment confirms abundant data and examples that climate change isn't some distant threat -- it's affecting us now.
Not only are the planet and the nation warming on average, but a number of types of extreme weather events linked to climate change have become more frequent or intense in many regions, including heat waves, droughts, heavy downpours, floods, and some kinds of destructive storms.
The good news is that there are sensible steps that we can take to protect this country and the planet.
Those steps include, importantly, the three sets of actions making up the Climate Action Plan that President Obama announced last June: cutting carbon pollution in America; increasing preparedness for and resilience to the changes in climate that already are ongoing; and leading the international response to the climate change challenge.
We've made great progress in the year since his announcement -- but there's much more work to be done.

Explore the full report, and find out how you can help -- because every one of us has to do his or her part to meet the challenge of climate change.
Thank you,
Dr. John P. Holdren
Director, Office of Science and Technology Policy
The White House

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Unknown said...

The collective of humanity refuses to accept that all Life, no matter what the universe, is unified, and even more simplistically, does not choose to see that Earth is what the human flesh itself is made of. The chaos of billions of human minds and the belief that negative emotions are a part of human nature, combined with the collective world-wide choice to disconnect from the Divinely Supernatural Source of all Life is THE reason behind the effects of "global warming." In order for there to be real physical change in the state of destruction that is found upon and above Earth, collective humanity must get on its knees in the humility of devotion to the Source of Unconditional Love, realizing that humanity in and of itself can do nothing to ensure its own future. Individual attention to the fact that one does not belong to the world, him or herself, to blood family, to religion, to a racial group, or to a nation...but to ALL LIFE....This is the starting place for Healing of this world.