Monday, May 19, 2014


If you are a fan of the TV show Continuum you are familiar with what a Corpocracy might look like in 2077. Orwell was a leading prophet of this theme and it;s accompanying dangers.

We have all know that Big Oil, Big Pharma, Agribusiness (led by Monsanto), Big Banking/Wall Street, Big Retail (Walmart), and weapons producers (the Military/Industrial Complex), are the true power brokers and policy makers for most nations, including the U.S.

Now, adding seats to the Board are Comcast/Time Warner, AT&T/Direct TV and, dare I say, Common Core. We've been told it was coming, we've seen it in action, and it's becoming more of a reality with each coming merger.

Is this the choice we make? Is this the future we want?

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