Tuesday, April 24, 2012

One of a Kind: All-White Killer Whale

We've heard of the White Buffalo and the attending prophecies. But, are their prophecies about a White Whale?
"A mature all-white male orca, the only one of its kind known, has been spotted in the North Pacific off the east coast of Russia, scientists announced Monday (April 23). After seeing its towering white dorsal fin breaking through the water's surface, the team named the distinctive beast "Iceberg."

There have other sightings of the White Whale phenomenon and yes, there are prophecies-much like the White Buffalo.

"Why is Migaloo, the spiritual white whale around our Australian shores at the moment? Migaloo represents all that is spiritually real, our real connection to all that is, we currently have a nation divided by political ideology and social and economic values. What we don't have is a country really seeing what is happening to our world. As Pakistan faces the worst floods in its history and its people are dying, fighting disease and trying to survive without the necessary world aid, we divert our eyes to the televisions and the radio news and the world at large is lost to the Australian people as we witness the political squabbling of the large political parties. Will they debate or won't they debate? Will it be in a community hall in Brisbane or in the television studios? Our Australian media isn't shining the light on one of the greatest environmental/natural disasters and the suffering of our fellow man and we, the unfortunate electorate, are the pawns in this political chess media game.

Migaloo is a reminder of our direct spiritual connection to each other, to our environment, the eco-systems that supply our food chain, the resources that we greedily claim as our own. We need to have Migaloo, near our shores before an election to make us really see. At the moment we are walking around with our eyes closed and the people who are awakening to the Oneness message recognise we are more than a economy, more than self serving interests and more than political electorates. We are beings that share a planet with each other and we need to have Migaloo's consciousness near our Australian shores and to raise our consciousness before we vote in this election. Our planet needs us to awaken!"

Let's all pray some whaler doesn't kill it and let's all see it as a vision of what can be! It's your reality, make it a good one.


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