Sunday, March 1, 2009


Divinity Rose is a person that everyone should get to know! Her slant on life is not just down to earth, it is earth itself. You can tell from her writing that she has had some hard knocks. But unlike many, those knocks made her strong and made her grow. She seems to have taken all that life has thrown at her and used them as opportunities to discover who she is, and who she is not. The lessons she offers to her readers are couched in humor that is sometimes raunchy, sometimes humorous, sometimes deadly serious, and always from a point of love and caring. She is an evolved being in the guise of human experience.
In her latest e-book, “They Said I was a boob......Or did they say nice boobs?” she takes a commonly used expression and turns into spiritual life lesson. She says in the e-book, “Being a boob does not really mean you're a screw up. We've just learned to apply the meaning
“screw up” to the phrase “being a boob”. The truth is that we're not screwing up. We're busy
forging ourselves. Sometimes, during exploration of what we want to become, we look like major boobs. We flail about, trying this and that, bouncing up and down, living through highs and lows, and every now and then, we poke someone in the eye.”
Divinity goes on to say, “I took a step back and realized that when people said “nice boobs”, that's what they meant, and that anything else attached to it was my own fears being projected onto the statement. Then I realized that people can only go off of what is visible to them. If you feel there is something more to you than what people see, you have to show it to them.” It takes a unique mind to find spiritual lessons in the everyday. When you get to know Divinity, you come to understand that she really lives the “everyday,” and finds meaning and value in the mundane, the crude and the vicissitudes of daily living. Her writing is an expression of hope and light in a rather “dulling” world. For Divinity, there are no “slings and arrows” that pierce her wit, her charm and her inner understanding of the true nature of being. Read her works, visit her web sites. Divinity definitely will show you a new way to look at the world!
Divinity Rose
Dreamer with an Ink Fetish, Showgirl of Soul

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Anonymous said...

Div is one of my all time favorite human beings. Complex, witty, talented, spiritual, loving, caring, helpful, testy, outside the box thinker, challenging, and the kind of friend that if ya have even two or three like her in your life then life is rich and fulfilling.

And yes, she has nice boobs. But I wouldn't say that in public.