Tuesday, June 12, 2007


We are all familiar with the nursery rhyme, “Ring around the rosy…” that was actually about the bubonic plague during the dark ages. A recent study in Maine would seem to indicate that we are in the midst or a new plague. This one does not come from rats or fleas and is not the normal pathogen.-it is from toxic chemicals!

A study conducted by the Alliance for a clean and healthy Maine just issued the result of a study that tested volunteers for the presence of toxic chemicals in the body. The study found that some 36 toxic substances were in the volunteers. Above normal amounts of chemicals such as mercury, PBDEs (a fire retardant), PFCs, and BPA, lead, arsenic and mercury were found. Where did some of these toxic chemical come from? Try carpets, nail polish, beauty products, sofas, and water bottles, your TV, shower curtain and Teflon skillets. Several of those tested were avid eaters of organic foods and led a healthy lifestyle but still exhibited high levels of the toxins.

We are also aware of the explosion in new disorders affecting our society. There are the reports of the growth in autism, cancer, childhood obesity and just watch TV, well, maybe not, and the commercials touting the full array of new dysfunctions that are in need of that new little pill. While this study was only done in Maine, it would not be unreasonable to assume that similar toxins are found in most nationwide. Are these findings the underlying reasons why today’s youth seems so inattentive in the schools and basically hyper? This was not started as a conclusion but one cannot help but wonder.

One comment made by a scientist was that, “just because you can a chemical in the body does not mean is necessarily harmful.” How often have we been told that lie? While it may well be that the body can tolerate certain levels of toxic substances without harm, it seems ridiculous to think that we can expose our children to these chemicals throughout their whole life without causing harm. Many chemicals accumulate and the effects are also cumulative.

Let’s add another component to the equation. Aside from all of the garbage that is contained in the processed food that we eat, not including food from China, we are also exposed to higher and higher level of forms of electromagnetic radiation. From TVs, computer, cell phones and the endless scores of gadgets found in most households and the ever-growing numbers of signal towers, I seems reasonable to think that these waves are having some effect on the body. After all, the body functions on electrical currents and this combination of toxic chemicals and radiation must be putting increasing stresses on the body.

The study, called “Body of Evidence: A Study of Pollution in Maine People,” breaks some new ground in exposing what may be the underlying causes of what is ailing many Americans. It is possible that our next pandemic may not be the bird flu, influenza or some other exotic pathogen. The next plague may actually come from our own homes and from products that we unsuspectingly use on a regular basis. “Ashes, ashes, we all fall down!”

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