Thursday, May 24, 2018

I pledge allegiance to freedom in America

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The current administration is butting into private industry and our personal freedoms.
In a democracy, aside from the laws that we have created through our elected representatives, government does not tell us how to think and how to express our beliefs. That's why we have a constitution, to protect us against government dictates and fiats.
If a person wants to stand during the national anthem, so be it. If they don't, so be it. Our flag is supposed to be a symbol of our democracy, the right of freedom of expression, press, religion, and freedom from oppression. If an individual feels that the flag does not currently stand for those ideals, then expressing discontent by kneeling is a right guaranteed to all. To say otherwise is to say that the flag no longer represents our ideals, but rather stands for demagogery. That is not America.
Respect must be deserved. When it wasn't there was the American Revolution. There were the suffragettes. There were civil rights and war protests.
That is America, people standing up to be free. Or kneeling when those freedoms are abridged.
So yes, I pledge my allegiance to freedom. I will stand when my country is right, and kneel when it's wrong.
If this is not the way you think, I won't ask you to leave this country. You have to right to believe what you want. However, you don't have the right to force your views and beliefs on me. That's what democracy requires.

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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Do Americans Have a Redline?

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 "a recommended safety limit : the fastest, farthest, or highest point or degree considered safe;"

Politicians are fond of claiming redlines that must not be crossed. Crossing such lines, they say, will trigger a massive negative response.
The questions is, Do the American people have redlines regarding their politicians?

Are we okay with politicians that lie? Not just once, but hindreds/thousands of times?
Are we okay with the destruction of our environment so that a few may profit at the expense of the many?
Is it all right for politicians to be bigoted, racist, xenophobic?
Do we care if promises are made but there is no intention to fulfill them?
Do we mind that those who are being regulated are now in control of the regulators with the approval of the politicians?
Does the destruction of our standing in the world community have no meaning?
Does the perversion of our justice system for self-profit and to hide criminal activity count for anything?
Does the total disrespect for our constitution, the law of the land, separation of powers, freedom for all, equal opportunity, and justice acceptable?
Do we care about freedom of the press?
Are we concerned about keeping church and state separate?
Does it matter that species on the verge of extinction are no longer protected?
Do we not care about our air quality?
Do we not care about water quality?
Is art no longer something to be treasured?
Is mocking the disabled or even poorer nations now acceptable?
Is making profits from a political office now not a problem?
Is placating the widows while robbing them blind the way to go?
Is "let them eat cake" now the American way?

The list could go on. My guess is that any one or two of the items would be a redline for most Americans (at least it should be). So now we have a politician that has done all of the above and yet many Americans feel that no lines were crossed.

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