Thursday, January 28, 2016


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World Bank and IMF in emergency BAILOUT talks to save countries from bankruptcy over oil

Really? Nations that were pulling in the cash at consumer expense for years are now facing financial crises because of falling oil prices. They want a bailout!

"Just 18 months ago oil prices were more than $100 a barrel but have plummeted to around $30 today.

Officials from the IMF and World Bank are now considering giving the country almost £3billion in cash, according to the Financial Times."

What the hell? When the banks screwed us over we bailed them out. We lost, they kept making record profits. What happened to all of the billions upon billions of dollars they made with excessive oil prices?  Was any of it used to deversify their economies? Was it used to help the poor? Did they build better homes and infrastructure? No. The majority of the profits were kept by the leading elite for their own personal gain. And now that profits are down, they want others to keep them in the luxuary they have come to enjoy.

Let's talk conspiracy for a moment. Is it not ironic that oil prices have dropped sharply just as the world was getting serious about alternative energy. With lower oil prices, the more expensive alternatives aren't as attractive. Are the oil barons manipulating public policy once again? Is it possible that the bigger producers are trying to get the smaller players off the field so even bigger monopolies can be forged?

Like a cornered rat, Big Oil and those who profit by it see that an end to their usuary might be in sight. They will do whatever it takes to to save their dominion. In time they will be the suppliers and controllers of alternative energy, the food supply, and information. Hell, they do that now. But this goes back to the sound of silence. Does the world sit idly by and let them make their profits by not only selling their wares, but also by not selling their wares? Are they too big to fail, also?

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Monica Brinkman said...

It's always been about the oil and power and money. They are running scared that people of the world will quit buying into their media propaganda and join together in seeking alternative energy sources.

Why people cannot see this, is beyond me.