Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Where are all of the holiday commercials?

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In recent years there has been a chorus of complaints, mine included, about Christmas commercials starting even before Halloween. The buy now, shop early was really annoying. This year, holiday commercials are almost non-existent, relatively speaking. The most I've seen so far are from car dealers, the little else. Why? Have companies seen the light? Have they decided to not annoy people?

Even more interesting is the total lack or new products--new fads to attract the weak minded, weak willed, the keeping up with the Jones', and the gullible. No really new gadgets-just old models made bigger or slightly modified. Star Wars-boring, been there, done that.

Yeah, there are Black Friday and pre-Black Friday and post Black Friday emails advertising sales, but it's all just same old stuff. What is going on? Are companies just trying to save on expenses? Are they concerned that wanton consumerism is a thing of the past? Do they know something about the economy that we don't? For an economy that has rebounded this lack advertising is disconcerting. The lack of anything new is bothersome.

On the one hand I was happy not to be inundated with ads in October. But here we are, the week of Thanksgiving, and I'm still not seeing what has become the normal bombardment of jingle bell ads.

When Wall Street doesn't act in their normal greedy way, it is worth taking notice; it is worth wondering why.

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