Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Disastrous not just for Democrats

Yup, democrats got whipped big time on November 4th. But they will not be the only ones to suffer. With the republicans running the show, look for new trade deals in Europe and the Asia. Sounds good? Well, have free trade deals ever increased jobs at home? No. Just as the American economy is thinking about turning around, more jobs will be sent to foreign shores. Further, most of the "free" trade deals on the table allow corporations to override local business rules and environmental regulations. Look for Wall Street to make more money and for workers to lose more jobs.

Higher wages for American workers? Yeah, right. We know where the GOP stands on raising the minimum wage.

Better jobs and higher wages for women? Umm, no.

Protection and proper response to changing climate? Not a chance. Regardless of the causes of climate change, reliance on fossil fuels , strip mining, record CO2 emissions, poisoning water supplies with fracking chemicals, massive oil spills, deforestation, arctic drilling, over fishing, acid oceans from pollution, etc., are definitely not a good thing for us or the environment. The GOP and its big money supporters have, recently, done nothing to solve these problems and are often the cause of them.

Banking reform and regulations that help Main Street and small business? Well, we know what's happening there: nothing but rules that benefit big corporations.

Peaceful approaches in foreign affairs? Isn't it the GOP that asks for more definitive military action in the Middle East?

This is not a very good time for the nation to shift to the political right. Yup, you can smoke dope in several new places but in the total scheme of things, will that really matter?

Yes, the election of 2014 was indeed disastrous.

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Anna Maria said...

You are undoubtedly correct Phil in all these concerns, but there is an issue close to my heart not listed and that is Women's Rights.
It became a huge issue with our last Governor stomping low income women's rights to healthcare into the pavement.

Governor Perry all but shut down Planned Parenthood here in Texas because of his personal belief that all abortion's are wrong
according to his religious beliefs. He didn't take into consideration the Supreme Court left it up to any woman to make that decision.

The sad part is, less than 2% of the service's PP provide are in that category. The rest of the services provide low income women with contraceptive advice, mammogram's, pap smears, and other preventative and diagnostic tools all women need.