Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Time for an End Game

Appeasement has never been a good policy. And while fools go where wise men fear to tread, there comes a time when necessity requires action.

The Islamic State, ISIS, is an abomination. They have no religion, no morals, and no respect for human life. They are a cancer in the Middle East and need to be treated as such.

It is always nice to hope that reason, negotiation, and comprise can solve all problems. Generally, this is true. But when a shark smells blood, you can't ask it to sit and talk about its actions. One can understand not just rushing in to a negative situation. But, when waiting greatly adds to the nature of the problem and the ability to deal with it, perhaps even at the cost of a significant number of lives, men, women, and children, then caution must be cast to the winds of fate and and action must be taken.

The IS will not just fade away. They grow in power, strength, and the ability to create death and destruction beyond their confines.

It is time for them to go away, not a slap on a wrist, but an End Game that removes them to the abyss of a bad memory.

With respect to Putin, please remember Neville Chamberlain. While no one wants a direct confrontation with Russia, we know that if you give a bully an inch, they take a mile. Please, leaders of the West, don't let Putin get more out of hand, it would be a very bad decision.

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