Thursday, October 17, 2013


A tumor has been festering in American society and the cure is not a bandage. There are those among us who want to sacrifice the populace on the alter of Wall Street. This disease wants to ensure that: banks aren't regulated; oil companies have unfettered access to anyplace; environmental concerns are trashed; profit is king.

This disease has no use for social programs. The elderly are a burden. The poor are a burden. The sick are a burden. The raped are a burden. Workers are merely tolerated as a tool to exploit.

Yes, Congress passed a temporary budget. But we know that this bandage will not cure the illness. Americans have to decide who and what we are as a nation. And, while all are entitled to their opinions and beliefs, the 'minority report' is not the dictum to the whole. The next election will determine if we want this nation to go into cardiac arrest, or, if we strengthen through exercise and due diligence.

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