Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mayhem, Corruption, Destruction: A New Movie?

No, just the news. Remember the old prophecy: All that is hidden will be revealed?

A quick glance at the news would seem to indicate that prophecy is coming true.  From what's in your "food" to who's spying on who, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore. We have a 'do-nothing' Congress; our emails, web searches and phone calls are being tracked and stored; our food is not really and contains everything from pesticides to viruses to human genes and who knows what else (thanks Monsanto); there is record breaking climate mayhem that rarely gets reported; science is bringing us the future now with exciting discoveries and scary technology; everyone, especially politicians, thinks that lying is the best policy; news is getting out about existing cures for cancer and other diseases while at the same time all kinds of 'new' diseases are popping up; austerity doesn't work but we're doing it anyway; the economy, depending on the news source, is both great and disastrous at the same time (must be that quantum physics stuff); and we all know this and what do we do?

If you look at economic news we see interest rate fixing, gas price fixing, mortgage rate fixing and even chocolate price fixing. At the same time there are reports that economies are getting better and we, the world, are heading out of recession, and yet, when you look at the economic data, it's all a bunch of BS! The Middle East is a joke with Muslims cutting each others throats in the name of God. Looks like we're about ready to wash our soiled hands of it all and call it a day. Wonder where all that money will go? Banks aren't lending, consumers aren't buying, and business is not hiring. Oh, wait, yes, they are using temps so they don't have to pay benefits. And, the NYSE EURONEXT is going to take over setting interest rates-Libor-HUH? Bet that'll be an improvement.

The EPA has stopped investigating fracking; all the honeybees are dying (thanks again Monsanto); BP and bank fines amount to nothing and they are probably tax deductible; the West is burning, again; the drought is still a drought; flooding is happening where there's no drought; the SUN is acting odd and is not what we thought it was; planets in our solar system are doing odd things; and wildlife is in danger everywhere.

Again, we know these things, but what are we doing?

"Just nod if you can hear me."

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