Tuesday, June 4, 2013


From NPR we read, "Every day in hospitals all over America, thousands of patients die of infections that used to be curable. But the antibiotics used to treat them anymore.
It's called , and it's largely a consequence of antibiotics overuse. The more germs are exposed to antibiotics, the faster they mutate to evade being vanquished.
To counter the growing trend, the Obama administration is moving on many fronts to speed the development of new antibiotics."

Okay folks, fast tracking drugs is never a good idea and who knows the horrors that will lead to. While I'm not saying this is the best site, you may want to explore http://wakeup-world.com/ for information on boosting your immune system and how to use natural substances to help treat many ailments that have devehttp://wakeup-world.com/olped resistance. Let's face it, simple and natural is best and viruses and bacteria have not developed resistance to such things as cumin, tea tree oil and many other common products. A healthy body is generally safe. Get off the GMO's, soda, processed foods, artificial sweetners, BPA tainted products, eliminate the pesticides and chemicals in and around the home, fast foods and junk foods and avoid the issue altogether.

Above all, beware the new drugs!

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